Venus is the ruler of Libra and Taurus. Through Libra we have choices, can see both sides of a situation that they appear to take their time in making up their minds. With Taurus we have the ability to reflect on the past, causing a kind of possessiveness of something that has already gone. Blocking this moment with the past that takes away the love of the moment, also possessions, the love of objects that enhance us in some way.

Also the love of food, but one must take care that food and possession's are not over indulged for that would take away the beauty of the now which Venus stands for.

Venus represents feelings and love, it is the ability to love every thing, which comes into life. To see beauty in all that you encompass, in all that you buy or that surrounds you, It is the beauty of the world where love can be seen every waking moment of your day. The love of the sea or a tree, love of your children or the love of another human being, friends and associates, the love of a pet. This is the love that we also have within, if we are truly happy with ourselves then we feel this love from inside which then radiates into our most immediate environment so that the qualities of Venus plays a part in life now.

Venus also has much to do with relationships, sharing and expressing feelings. It's funny that no sooner have we found a relationship that we become vulnerable, why? Because we have allowed another into our life, and this brings hope and also fear. To love through the Venus vibration one needs to find the missing piece which fits like a jig-saw puzzle, this should be some-one who compliments your personality and your needs, to balance and enhance your spirit, so that you become whole and fulfilled beings.

Venus has a process which has already been formulated and it is just this that once love comes to us we can think of a thousand reasons just why we shouldn’t have it. We need to fill our lives full of love, to do things which we love doing, if the dishes can be washed with love, cooking can have that special ingrediance. No need to go and buy a pound of love its free, you can have as much as you want.

We need to feel comfortable inside; this is created when one can see the beauty that surrounds us, the universe and the beauty that is within. When one can see love and beauty every where, then this is precisely what we attract, and become grateful for living and happy to relate in the now.