The Moon's Transits

Moon's Cycle from New to Dark

New Moon

The Moon begins her journey as an emotional messenger from the planets. Each Moon she begins in a different sign so that each is stimulated. At this point a new seed is created, the beginning of a new awareness, giving the promise of what is to come.

Crescent Moon (Semi-Sextile 30'degree) The brilliance of the sun can be seen giving the promise of what is to come, bringing confidence and stimulating feelings to every part of our lives. A time to adapt and flow with the Moon's motions.

Sextile (60 degree) A time to adapt to the Moon's energies, changes may occur with ease here. If alterations are necessary this is the time to do it, so that you can make the most of her energies.

First Quarter (First Square 90' degree) This is the first challenge that we are required to take. What ever was sown at the New Moon is now beginning to manifest allowing you to change or alter situations. Take time and check that things are going the way that you want them too.

The Trine (120' degree) A relatively easy time if plans have been followed through. Also a good time to make changes just here if you feel they are relevant.

Sesquiquadrate (135'degree) A time to realize your own needs and issues. The individual is trying to emerge at this point and trying to push through obstacles.

Full Moon (180'degree opposition) The Moon is now at the height of Her power, reflecting the original intent of the New Moon. Here we reap what we sow. The Full Moon is the culmination of efforts. A time of success or break downs depending if you have followed your own path without allowing obstacles to have gotten in the way.

Sesquiquadrate (135' degree) The Full Moon has passed, and the Moon is now fast making her way to join the Sun. Her energies are dissipating as things are unfolding.

The Trine (120' degree) A relatively easy time where changes and efforts implemented at the first half of the Moons cycle come into action.

Last Quarter (90' degree)This represents a time in crises and deals with the unconscious rather than the conscious, giving you a chance to prepare your self as the Moon fast approaches the Sun to complete her cycle. A time to reform ideas, and prepare for the coming new Moon.

Dark of the Moon (Semi-Square 30' degree) This is a 3day period where the Moon is hidden from view. At this point the Sun is energizing the Moon, preparing for Her journey once again. A time for self-reflection and meditation, so a new awareness can take seed.