Libra Myths

The 7th Sign of the Zodiac

Represents balance, harmony, and Justice.

The sign of Libra was once called Chelae, and was part of Scorpio, and represented the claws of illumination, as this was meant to portray the claws holding a light

Libra indicates that man has left the underworld and darkness and is now in the position to reason and decide to make choices.

The sign of Libra is relatively new, but the scales and judgment can be traced back to Egyptian myths.


The God Anubis bought the dead over from the land of the underworld to the hall of Justice. The god Osiris god of life and death then judges the soul of man, here their heart was weighed on the scales against the feather of Truth.

The Egyptian Goddess Maat, Her Emblem is the feather of Truth and Justice who stands in the halls of the under-world ready to place her Feather of Truth on the scales if the heart balanced with the feather they would have eternal life. If s/he didn’t then the waiting monster Amemait would eat their heart

The Greek Goddess Athena stands for personal justice balance and fairness.

Paris was the son of the King and Queen of Troy, a dream had prophesied that Paris would grow up and cause the down fall of his county, so they disposed of the infant on mount Ida, where a she bear reared him. Paris true birth did not remain hidden because of his intelligence and his heightened ability in judgement, he had a flare with words, and was fare and just, was charming and had a way with women. Because of this Zeus choose him to decide upon three quarreling Goddess, these were The Goddess Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite.

Paris was out with his herd of cattle one day when Hermes appeared to him with a golden apple sent from Zeus asking him to which Goddess the apple should be given. Paris wanted to share the apple fairly between the three Goddess and so not favoring any of them, but Zeus would have none of this. Paris very aware that should he choose a Goddess above the other two that he would have real problems. However they all three promised that they would all except his judgement. The Goddesses were all asked to disrobe.

The Goddess Aphrodite was asked to remove her famous girdle that made every one fall in love with her.

The Goddess Athena was asked to remove her helmet, which gave her an unfair advantage.

The Goddess Hera simply unrobed with the dignity fitting a Queen of the gods.

Then Hera offered Paris ruler-ship over all of Asia should he choose her, but Paris was not interested in the responsibility that this would incur.

Athena then promised him that she would see that he would emerge victorious in all battles that he might undertake. But again this did not spur Paris on in any measure.

Aphrodite knowing full well what motivated Paris promised him the most beautiful woman in the world Helen of Troy to marry. But Paris said she's already married, she said leave it to me. So he handed over the golden apple without a second thought.

This judgment angered the other two Goddess's and off they went looking for a way for the destruction of Troy.

When Paris eventually meet Helen they fell in love instantly. They eloped and this was the downfall of Troy. Troy was burnt to the ground. Paris and his three sons were slaughtered. And Helen was reunited with her husband as none of this was her fault but had been invoked by the gods themselves.

The problems that most Liberians face is that decisions are generally thrust upon them through no fault of their own. Another aspect of this is the fact that their awareness of life and choices that they make are something that they learn through life's challenges. The fact that the Gods ask for help shows that man kind can contribute something to the Gods.

The scales represent balance and justice from a spiritual point of view so enhancing universal truths rather than earthly ones that can be quite different. This also represents the high ideals that Libra stands for. Also the tangles that they seem to get themselves into because they wish to help, or they have seen some thing that isn't really for there eyes so they must pay the price. Libra stands for love, justice and fairness and it is this quality which they try to bring into their lives.

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