Sun - Star of Destiny

The Sun represents our very most center, our destiny and sense of purpose, and direction in life. This is the pure essence of life, and the Sun radiates his energies in all areas of the universe, the planets, and the little universe within our selves. He shines his light every where joining all the forces within our selves and the universe.

This is the creative force of our inner most being. The Sun is also the only planet that we can see with the naked eye. He gives us warmth, and represents the seasons in their natural order. Why is this? The Sun just 'is' he radiates his light as he moves around the Universe lighting up the Planets on his yearly cycle asking for nothing in return.

The Sun is inspiration that gives hope for each individual, and lightens the way for each process, along our sometimes-difficult path. The Sun is there to represent now. To be all that one can be now. It is the essence of every choice and action, which we take in our quest, to find our sense of purpose and strength, and is there to lighten up our path.

The day as we know it is divided into two halves day and night. The day is continually illuminated so that we use our will within the choices we make in the conscious world of today. The night represents our unconscious. This area deals with dreams, aspirations, and fears and these energies need to find a vent so our feelings can be exposed, to satisfy our unconscious. These are the areas which we don’t handle so well, so we put them into the recycle bin only to be retrieved when our guards our down. Every thing finds away to surface.

The Sun's journey can sometimes be a difficult, but he is also the essence of our being which instinctively feels right. It is not always easy to follow the right path, many obstacles and temptations are placed in front of us, and so we tend to shelve the necessities, and then take up what has to be done tomorrow. What has happened is that we have lost a day, and what should have been done yesterday will now have to be incorporated into today's heavy load making this day more burdensome.

The Sun represents what needs to be done now. The Sun continually illuminates the way, but the quest is somewhat difficult. The Sun also represents the Spirit that part of us which holds within it a little of the Spirit of God/Goddess. We can enlarge on this and join with universal energies or it can stay enclosed within the human body, and so not using the energy that is our God/dess given right.

Take on the quest of the heart, the quest of the Spirit and be more than you can be now.