• Leo Sun Stars Reading 2019

    Famous Saturn/Moon conjunction this energy has been effective each month and is helping us to remove all unwanted baggage from the past so it may well be we may feel a little quiet and need our own space. Don’t forget we are reshaping our world by January 2020 it will be complete.

  • Gemini Moon 2020 – The Phoenix Rises

    Gemini Moon 2020 – The Phoenix Rises 22nd May 2020 time 17h 39m The Direct Planets   Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Neptune all direct. Mercury turns retrograde 18th June Retrograde Planets Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus This new Moon connects well with expansive Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, (these 3 planets are all in harmony with the New Moon)
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  • Cogs of Time

    Everything has its moment. Now we have nexus after nexus of huge energy flows. Its time for the human race to remember how wonderful and beautiful we are. Talking with Val today about past lives and time. That the eternal part of ourselves is free of time.  That you could see yourself and your lives
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  • 7 August 2019

    Today is quite potent in terms of energy in that we feel very deeply. This is powerful as we are feeling this from our center and gives us an advantage to cut through all the jargon.

  • Leo Blue Moon 1 August 2019

    This Moon begins with so much creativity, a powerful Moon called a blue Moon, we can feel it is almost a yearning to better ourselves, by reaching and moving forward to reach our goals with confidence, s

  • Mars

    Mars represents spontaneous action, desire, ones personal identity and creativity.

    A person’s Mars in a horoscope shows just where the need to push forward is, to act accordingly to his or her needs. This is fast spontaneous action and needs to work on what ever has come to mind instantly.

  • Venus

    Venus represents feelings and love, it is the ability to love every thing, which comes into life. To see beauty in all that you encompass, in all that you buy or that surrounds you, It is the beauty of the world where love can be seen every waking moment of your day.

  • Mercury

    Mercury is the planet of communication; it rules Virgo and Gemini both mutable signs.

    He is the Messenger, who travels in the Under world and also the Universe, communing on these …..