Scorpio Myths

8th sign of the zodiac

Water and fixed

Rulers Mars and Pluto

Mars is thought of as the personal planet

Pluto stands for what is hidden, the depth of ones psyche

Scorpios Chapters in life. One area ends only to start again anew.

Greek Myth. Perseus and Medusa.

Medusa was once a beautiful lady who slept with Poseidon in Athena's temple. This angered the Goddess Athena, and she turned Medusa into a snake woman whose hair was full of poisonous snakes and whose eyes were terrifying, her gaze froze any one who looked into her eyes.

Perseus was from a Nobel birth, his father was Zeus, and was given the task of slaying Medusa, this was needed in order to stop the forced marriage of his mother to King Polydectes.

Perseus then made his way to the three magical but withered old women, they were seers and were able to see all that was going on every where, they also told him the way to Medusas lair.

Perseus was helped through his ordeal by several deities, the goddess Athena told him not to look directly into medusa eyes, and gave him a magical shield. Hermes also helped by giving him a sickle to cut off Medusa head, also some winged sandals and a magic wallet to use for her decapitated head. A dark helmet was given by Hades the god of the underworld to make him invisible.

Perseus was successful and Medusa's decapitated head was thrown into the sea where a beautiful white winged horse emerged fully-grown from Medusa body setting her free. This was created from the union with Poseidon.

The Scorpio myth Is portrayed to begin with the two women; Medusa is expelled from the land of the living because of the Goddess Athena jealous anger, and transformed into something really hideous. The personal mother was given freedom. In this way the darkness is confronted for the light. This is often a terrifying experience the essence of both these qualities is inherent in those born under the sign of Scorpio. The shield which mirror's the reflection of Medusa is the need for one to look within to reflect symbolically and to grasp their situation. The magical helmet given to Perseus by Hades symbolizes the magic that they have within them once a transformation has taken place. Hades represents depression and negativity and sometime hatred for living, knowing full well that there is hope else where in the universe. Pegasus Who is born once Medusas is killed is the majestic freedom that is found once Medusa is thrown into the sea only to be reborn.

The Mythical tale of Scorpio is the ability to look deep into their unconscious drives, to except all of their being. To move on relentlessly to achieve almost the impossible just as Perseus did.

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