Mercury is the planet of communication; it rules Virgo and Gemini both mutable signs.

He is the Messenger, who travels in the Under world and also the Universe, communing on these levels. This symbolizes the duality of Mercury between conscious thoughts and the world of Spirit. This is the eternal struggle that Mercury has to contend with.

Mercury symbolizes the present, and the thousands of thought forms, which enter our minds continually. Mercury has a way of responding to others almost instinctively, no sooner has one spoken, they are no longer our own, but part of the collective consciousness. Mercury when used consciously can create a great sense of presents and clarity in communications. Mercury can be thought of as the shepherd of the five senses. Being in control of all your values and responding by focusing on the present.

One of the problems that we tend to encounter with Mercury is by focusing our energies on others or by constantly impressing our will upon another. This dissipates ones energies because instead of focusing on ones own objectives one is constantly infringing on another's life and so losing the present which Mercury really represents, apart from turning the next persons life upside down.

Mercury also represents the mundane world, small journeys, and relationships. But the biggest most enchanting journey is him/her self, the need to relate every thing, which is constantly happening in his world. To stay focused and the ability to relate every thing backs to his senses so that he is in control. No need to worry what his neighbor has achieved or what he has. But rather to focus on what he can be through the use of his/her Mercury. His/her biggest achievement is the relationship he has within himself.