Neptune rules Pisces and the 12th house, with Jupiter as co-ruler.

Neptune is the planet of illusions and dreams. It is this dream that we call life. It is from dreams that we make our reality. The quality of Neptune allows energy to flow through us continually, flowing this way and that, poet's, artist's and writer's use through the inspiration of Neptune. There is nothing more beautiful than this energy.

Neptune main task within a horoscope is to see the beauty in all things, and know that every thing is part of the great universe, and that we play a part in this. One of the main tasks of Neptune is to very slowly dissolve the ego. In this way one is able to unite and tune into the universe and so realsing that there is much more to the purpose of his or her life, than the illusion that he or she is living in. When this is accomplished one begins to feel that there is a purpose which far outshines the ego. In this way old karmic patterns are dissolved. This is the perception we have molded, and often we expect the world to fall into the way we expect and perceive it to be.

Neptune energies also helps us to have a non-attachment to things, this can be a bit of a problem at times because the intellect is a very powerful tool and takes time to let go and then one realises that thoughts are also things. Just like you can feel the quality or energy of Neptune so it is with thoughts. You can feel them, but it's difficult to release old thought patterns that have gelled and become part of you. When you can allow you're self-the freedom of thought, to change with the ever-changing qualities of Neptune this can bring harmony and balance into life.

Although Neptune is gentle and inspirational this energy needs an anchor in order to give this form. This is where Saturn comes in. The energy of Saturn is used to contain the energy of Neptune, and in return Neptune gives Saturn inspiration. So that dreams can manifest, in a very real sense.