Pluto is the planet of endings, these are the thought patterns which keep him/or her away from his true feelings that make an individual feel trapped inside. When an individual can break away from facts that torment him and release these thoughts which tend to be repetitive, only then can a chapter of his or her life close.

The energy of Pluto works on an unconscious level. It surfaces all the hidden thoughts, which he or she has allowed to remain hidden. But life has away of making this rise to the surface so that these will have to be confronted in order to make way for the new. When the energy of Pluto is not used correctly he or she tends to hold on to old thought patterns. These become bad habits, and so an individual will carry these self-disruptive thoughts which he instinctively hates. These depressive thoughts need to be chucked out. Sometimes if these are not dealt with they will rise to a conscious level, creating havoc because these haven't been dealt with. In living on the surface he/she misses the undercurrents, but if these are dealt with through life then you can find the root problem, to deal with it. At least you know its there.

Another aspect of Pluto is the unconscious sexual desire. This is one of the most potent motivation factors for one reason or another people don’t wish to talk about these matters. No one is really different here, we all have a lower nature, and we need to confront it; accept it, live with it.

Pluto energies can be viewed every day: leaving school; college; marriage; divorce. Changes within our society and the world. Each time we complete something we are ready for newness, and another chapter to enter our lives. Pluto has much to do with karma, each time we reach inwards and deal with confronting issues; we are releasing old karmic patterns. Only to take on another karmic phase, and so we release our karma through a life time, sometimes without to much difficulty, at others there tends to be a tug of war, to release the tension which instinctively we hate and yet cannot release. Though these energies can be disruptive this is where the building blocks for the future is created. It is just as well that these energies at different times of our lives can be reached and dismissed because this can bring complete unity with the adapting world.

Pluto is also dynamic it is this quality which gives a person the strength of their convictions A person who truly believes in his truth will fight to the very end for what he believes to be right. Pluto is also the planet of wealth, this relates to the hidden talents, which an individual has although they may not be conscious of it. This is so that a person can really reach in to his center, his psychic and rise it to full consciousness so that his or her talents can be used while at the same time leaving the past behind, so that one can encompass the future.