Mars is the ruler of Aries, and co-ruler of Scorpio, and represents the first and eighth house in a horoscope.

Mars represents spontaneous action, desire, ones personal identity and creativity.

A person's Mars in a horoscope shows just where the need to push forward is, to act accordingly to his or her needs. This is fast spontaneous action and needs to work on what ever has come to mind instantly. The energy of Mars is to act on what is needed to be accomplished now rather than to work too far into the future. As this will dissipates his energies. Mars need to work now, he cannot wait, as he feels a sense of urgency.

Mars is powerful, and should not allow its energies to penetrate some one else's path in life. What may seem right to you is not always right for another. This can cause a two way problem. First you are not using this quality of direction for your self, rather your trying to guide some one else who may not have asked for it, and who may not have this same idea or intention as you. Also in minding the business of another, you are draining your own unique resources.

Mars moves forward without question or need to analyses a situation he/she simply acts; the most important part of this is the journey. Once he has achieved them he needs to begin again. Mars holds within him the Universe. The seed of creation. This can apply to man or woman as she holds the embryo within, waiting for this magnificent creation to be ignited and ensuring the future of the world.

There are many different 'I's' within an individual, one minute it is this, the next; it is that. These tend to be in order with the desire of the moment. But which is the true identity of an individual? This is quite a difficult question but the true identity is that which performs the tasks of the soul. Sometimes this is known, although an individual may not really know how to forfil the needs of his/her soul, but the journey which is taken will often find the real 'I', if there own needs are perused. Without causing another or situation turbulence to walk forward to do precisely what you feel in correct and right for you quietly.

Mars represents the beginning and the end he must be the master of his own universe. The circle represents the spirit and the arrow direction. When Mars is used correctly you feel comfortable inside. When you are using this same influence on some one else s direction you either feel good cause you have dominance over another, and so create a negative karma towards another. When you use your Mars in order to satisfy someone else's direction and wishes you could lose a lifetime on some one else's desire rather than you own. How nice to use, and be the master your own direction and destiny.