Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house. Jupiter is the first of the outer planets. It represents language, the law, religion and the need to expand ones consciousness to bring understanding of a higher realm. Though these endeavors he or she can loosen there hold on personal roots so that they can form their own opinion according to their experiences. Jupiter rules places, and the higher mind it is just this quality which is strong in Sagittarius. And needs to expand there minds to incorporate all that they is in our world, and that of the universe.

We continually find ourselves dreaming or feeling we are some where else, energy streams are created. Thoughts tend to drift to far away places; there is so much they want to do now. But can find them selves drifting into other dimensions they simply waste there energies. When one can see that they are part of every thing, and that they have there part to play, then the energy of Jupiter can be harnessed and brings a higher awareness of what is, and the opportunity not to separate the higher aspirations, and yearning from your self. Jupiter rules the higher mind and the greatest advantage is to see the light instead of the darkness.