The moon rules Cancer, and the fourth house.

The Moon cycles touches on the same planets in an individuals natal chart, time and again. This is because the human being has free choices in every thing that is undertaken. So cycle upon cycle the Moon revolves around our charts exposing those areas to us that are sensitive, emotions, pain, the past, the future. These areas tend to bring emotional turmoil to the fore. The moon reflects every thing to us like a magnet. We can't take enough pain we love it, or at least we are conditioned to accept it. The moon herself represents sacrifice that is given with love; it is her sacrifice to the earth.

The Moon pours out her energies that she receives from the Sun to us. The Moon reflects the energy of the Sun so as to gently push us so that we can build a bridge and make a connection between our unconscious drives, the reality of to day, and the universe. There is no longer any need to give us a hard time.

The conflict that arises within an individual is because they are not living in the present they are still looking towards the past. What happens to the present while this is happening, firstly you miss out on that moment in time, you cannot move forward because your mind is occupied with the past? People have a clear recollection of the past and the pain or suffering that they have endured, but what about now. The Moon energy is very subtle; she is there to help you as individuals evolve.

The Moon is extremely receptive, no longer the need to struggle from within, but rather to open up to our needs rather than that of others. We continually need the acceptance of others so as to throw some light on who we are, but others views are not necessarily right or wrong its just that they seem to color our personality with emotions that will find acceptance within our circle of friends. Another way is to live in the present, and not allow others to be the building blocks of our personality. Rather to be ourselves and to live in the present, if we can get our emotional lives right, leave the past and hurts behind.

Now has purpose and the only way to incorporate this is to live in the present with spontinaliy to be your self. The best way to keep in touch with reality is to identify who you are through your Sun sign, because the Moon is only reflecting your own needs. When this has occurred, most other events and feelings tend to slip into place because the struggle has ended.

The Moon also reflects how we feel; this can be really good as we can portray exactly what we feel. But she can also reflect others emotions which we instinctually pull towards ourselves, this also is ok but what if your picking up others negativity, or picking up someone's else's emotional content simply because you admire them. This too can be difficult because every person has a purpose, and if we put some one on a pedestal. If we do that what about our own emotions why should they take second place? Be true to yourself and be all you can be with all your errors and misgivings. One could say well thank God I have so many hang ups at least I have experienced them!