Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and rules the 10th house.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and commitment to personal needs and growth. The majority of us feel that Saturn is harsh and limits one in their tracks and indeed he does, but why?

The main purpose of Saturn's energies is so that we learn the lessons in life that we confront on a daily basis. When we deal with issues, and confront them, then Saturn is being used correctly. The main problem with Saturn energies is that they are serious and we don’t really like dealing with either confrontations, or those with authoritarian figures we leave them for another time. They tend to mount up and so leaving the individual with no room to move, a weight have been placed on their shoulders.

But who has placed this restriction in our way. We have, because no sooner has a problem been dealt with we can move on. Saturn is a fine teacher, and through his energies we can create freedom, quite the opposite of the restrictions that we feel is placed upon our shoulders.

Another aspect of Saturn is to have a goal to work towards. It does not really matter what it is, right or wrong, so long as there is something that you can give form to. Every day you can work towards this goal which helps to crystallize your thoughts, and this can create anything a new future, career, what ever it is which holds importance to you. The important thing is that you are working towards some thing, which will bring you satisfaction and confidence.

Many people go through life being jealous of other people's accomplishments, through life opportunity has come knocking, the years pass and for one reason or another have simply allowed time to pass. Then they say Oh I could have done this or that with resentment and begrudge the next persons success. Dreams are made in heaven its up to each individual to make their dreams a reality. This takes conscious efforts but with a goal in sight, step by step any thing can be accomplished.

Another aspect of Saturn is depression. This occurs when we don’t like what is going on in our life we tend to shut down, we don’t allow any energy flow, nothing comes in and nothing flows out. In some cases this can have dire effects on our health. It's important to realize the energies of Saturn, so that you can truly confront your-self. Remember you can be much more than you think you are. So go for it and make a new start.