Capricorn Myths

Saturn Planetary ruler
Capricorn emblem meaning of goat-fish

The sickle represents the female principle of the Goddess, the moon.

Amaltheia the goat nymph Goddess who reared Zeus when he was hidden from his father Chronos Sabazius The barley God Chronos, The Greek Earth God of time, also represents the crow, which houses the old kings spirit at death.

Christ the Son of God. Saturn's month Christmas. The Crucifixion of the son, on the cross of matter.

Saturn Son of Uranus and Gaia also Rhea. Both are a representation of Mother earth.

Saturn's month falls on the winter solstices where winter begins and rests ready for the spring and the renewal of the earth.

Greek Myth

Saturn's mythical parents are Uranus, and Gaia. Uranus produced seven children by Mother earth Gaia; he was not impressed by his off spring and sent them to Tartarus to be raised. Mother Gaia was not happy with this arrangement and gave Chronos a sickle in which to castrate his father. Chronos then through these into the sea, but drops of blood feel on to the earth that took seed, and this is what bore the avenging goddesses.

Chronos was told by prophetess that he would be over thrown by one of his children, he swallowed them, apart from the last one who was Zeus. Rhea hid him on a secret island off Crete where he was reared by a she goat. Later Zeus rewards her by placing her emblem in the sky.

The old king is portrayed as connecting to the sea where he makes love to his mother then dies only to be reborn as the new king so that a new order can then begin a new. The old king then eats his children so as to protect himself, knowing full well that they may well rebel against him. As he him self had.

Capricorn represents the old and the new, youth and old.

People born under this sign often find there young lives very frustrating, and limiting where demands and responsibility from the father figure often are at odds with there own feelings. The problems they face are often with the father figure, having left the warmth of the mother it is now time to be initiated into the world the fathers domain. This is no easy task for the young almost always need to prove them selves, and indeed the father demands it. The father represents Saturn who is strict, the law giver expects the son- or daughter not only to do his/her best but to grow to adulthood ready to grace the world with his seed who has mastered the world.

Relationship between parent and child is often denied, the coziness one would expect from parents often sadly passes them. Whether this is because the parent is unable to show the feminine within themselves, and not excepting this quality as part of them selves is sad indeed because

The restless dragon who resides inside, must confront the dragon in the world, and be excepted as one. Then the cycle can begin a new. What ever the father figure has so does the son there is no getting away from this, but this acceptance can bring about rewards untold, that totally sweeps away the past so that young eyes look out from new eyes.

It is not the sacrifice which is the important point but rather the acceptance of what must be done

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