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This is a time of great change, from the Grand Cross in 1999, followed by the 12 steps of Jupiter. Pluto’s revelations to free us from that which has been hidden.  A time of the Great Awakening.

Please check Val’s astrological posts, her monthly Sun Readings, Moon information and Astrological articles giving insights into the rhythm of the Moon, the influence of the Planets under the guidance of our Solar Logos, our own Star of Destiny as he moves through our Galaxy.

You can have your own personal astrological reading by Vassoulla.

Have a Tarot Reading by Skype. There is a Pyramid spread, Celtic Cross or Astro Year Tarot Reading.

Discover how you can enhance your life with crystals and how to use them. There is an A-Z of crystals, a cleaning and charging guide.

Understand the meaning of your dreams or why something keeps popping up with our Signs and Symbol dictionary.

We have a selection of Stirling Silver Jewelry, Swarovski pieces as well as Crystal Jewelry and Symbolic earrings and pendants to focus and bring particular energies to you. 

If you would like to read stories that hold ancient truths, past life stories please check out Athena’s Library.