Virgo Moon 2019

Chart Wheel for Virgo Moon 30 August 2019

Virgo New Moon 30 August 2019 10h 37m

4 planets all conjunct this New Moon in Virgo.

Moon, Sun-Mercury and Mars all connect with Uranus.  Jupiter squares Neptune and Jupiter while the north node opposes Saturn.

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde.

Saturn direct 18t September 2019.

30 August – New Moon 

This is the beginning of a big shift, a huge grounding in Virgo where this precise energy is here to help us ground our energies, Moon by Moon we have been shedding our barriers to reveal the real “you” there’s still a way to go up and will be in effect until the 2n November 19.  

This energy is helping us all to create some sort of strategy to move forward. We have this major grounding, which is in preparation for a result that happens in January 2020 to create more meaning for life and able to manifest whatever we want.

How will we do this? To meld these energies together, it’s up to you, yet the easiest way is to go within, although we should all know this.  

These energies all connect to the planet Uranus the planet of change and should provide plenty of opportunities to expand each in our own way.  So we are given all the tools we need to get where we need to go.  A very good idea is to plan and work towards what we need in life, as this opportunity does not come around every day. 

The Saturn north node is with us for a while yet, it’s basically karmic in that everyone needs to be in balance in whichever way is necessary. We need to get ourselves into some sort of harmony in preparation for the new that is coming.  

This is also global news and justice for what’s coming out of the cupboard, it can only be kept behind closed doors for so long.

6 September – First Quarter Moon

Moon squares Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars squares Neptune Moon conjunct Jupiter.

This is a mixture of feelings there was so much grounding at the beginning of this Moon, and because of this we are able to see in-depth and understand what is occurring, so it’s not comfortable.

On the one hand, we feel we need to get away from it all and on the other wanting to stay within familiar surroundings.   

We may feel restless as there may well be some small problems in life so wanting to solve them and move on with Mars ready to go and he’s not easy. The effects of Neptune may keep some of the picture hidden, better to wait till this influence passes. 

I would say there may well be lots of ups and downs under these transits yet as we are now sufficiently got our feet on the ground we can see so much more.  Little areas in life that we still need to master, causing rash actions due to hidden tensions – so be careful.  

On the other hand, we feel sympathetic and try to support and yes it’s all good so long as no one weighs too heavily on your shoulders as that could take you off your current path.  

There’s also excitement in the air Jupiter may bring opportunities, especially if you are hoping for a result.

This is full of energies that cause tensions and yet we have the more sympathetic energies as well that makes us feel so giving.

14 September – Full Moon

Virgo Sun and Venus opposes Moon in Pisces opposite.

This full Moon is unusual in the fact that we have so much clarity at the beginning of this Moon and yet here at the Full we have the Sun and Venus at odds with Neptune.

It’s almost as if we are in the waters of the eternal mother preparing to give birth.

It’s a good time to help others, this is also the nurturing energy that we so freely give, so although we may feel strong, we are slightly under minded as the energies today are unclear. It would be wise to wait for a better time before making definite plans.  

As far as work is concerned, try not to lose yourself and stick to what it is you want so you’re not too distracted by today, go with what you are striving for.  This energy may well give us options on how to refine our work even further to better suit us.

Emotions are strong, friendships are extremely important and it’s a good time to chat with good friends to give us peace of mind should we feel we need to. Our feelings are strong, nothing is superficial if there are any problems we are very likely to get to the bottom of it. This it’s all about clearing the way for the new.

22 September – Last Quarter Cancer Moon

Sun in Virgo, Libra in Mercury square the Moon, also sextile Uranus.

A much easier day where we are feeling happy and maybe slightly restless. We want excitement today and there are some surprises!

It maybe that hunches pay off or on another level we may find synchronicities that work so well for us.

Dark of the Moon

Moon in Virgo, squares Mars, trines Saturn, opposes Neptune, trines Pluto.

We have clarity again and the direction is positive if not extreme with Mars being so forthright. However, Neptune is a kind of camouflage while Pluto has so much to offer in an earthly way, so although some areas of today are not transparent Pluto will make herself known. She’s not easy yet her creativity matches no one’s.

It’s possible during this time you may well come up with something inspirational that will serve you well.