Val’s Moon Reading 2019

moon reading 2019


Capricorn 6th January 2019
Time 1 hour 28 minutes

This is the beginning of an ecliptic year with the focus on the Sun, Moon and Saturn. It’s a grounding time where we release all that no longer serves us. And so deal with only what is important to each of us creating a structure that is fulfilling.

What will this give us? It’s going to be a year of achievement for so many of us.

Saturn is to do with authority structure while the Moon is to do with receptivity.  There are 11 Moon – Saturn conjunctions in a row up until October and each one will be stronger, building up into a crescendo so I feel this is also global, I connect the Moon to the people so I feel authority will have to take in the climate of the people, no more pushing and shoving. We the people want more, we want our lives back! the way nature intended.

6th January This new Moon begins with a bang, its fast and dynamic.  The connections are Sun, Moon, Pluto and Saturn so you have a wall made of granite which we feel is imperishable but with Pluto there we can demolish this and move into what we call ourselves, cut out all the crap and do what we each need for ourselves. The magical word is trust, go for what we want and watch it manifest.

Pluto will remove all that does not serve us, it’s a time to review just what we want in life so that we can FOCUS on what we do want. This is our time to create a life that is more rewarding and in keeping with our authentic selves.

As we move on the 8th January and Aquarius Moon is quite different energy, the influence is much more fluent and connects to Jupiter the great benefactor so we have this feeling of optimism yes everything is changing yet we feel that its going to be okay. So be in touch with feelings and go with your passion.

By the 11th January and yes all is well a Pisces Moon connects well with the Sun and Pluto conjuncts Neptune this feels like all is rolling in the way it should while we may feel idealistic, or we may come across some untruths.  If for any reason you feel unsure follow your heart.

By the 14th January an Aries Moon, first square we can see the picture easily, everything is moving fast, and is clear and we can see exactly what is and what isn’t coupled with Pluto energy is high our power feels elevated and has the feeling that will change our attitude to certain events or circumstances so this is our energies changing to bring us just what we want.

By the 16th Jan 18 and first trine a Taurus Moon links to the Sun Mercury and Pluto everything is flowing well. Energy is intense although if you need someone to talk with it will happen naturally with like-minded souls, without holding back. Also, good time to talk with loved ones especially if things haven’t been to good lately, the energy helps in unravelling anything that needs to be aired easily while you are able to relate without any repressions.

On another level it’s a positive day If there’s a strong work load this is the time to do it.  Plenty of communications that are strong. A revolutionary attitude that feels like life changes if you act on your feelings and impulses you won’t go far wrong.

21st January Full Moon and lunar eclipse Moon in Leo squares Uranus feel like a radical change. This is out with the old king and in with the new. Feelings are intense, if for any reason we feel restricted with family, partner relationships it’s going to change your perspective to some degree, and may need time to express these feelings but this is what it’s about to create the freedom we want, don’t forget the flip side of Leo is Aquarius fun loving seeking freedom to say or do whatever one chooses, we don’t want the old way anymore we want newness to express our feeling to be who we are without the red tape.

The old way is falling away as we as individuals become more informed and we-the- people will voice this, it’s already happening within our personal lives and all over the world.  Don’t forget Brexit is still very much the topic of conversation in the UK and France is demonstrating what the people want, we can no longer be brushed aside now, society is recreating its self.

25th January A Libra Moon trines Mercury this is the scales of justice and balance so we are much more in touch and likely to feel so comfortable, so able to rely on them. All communications should go and able to express these feeling all communications should go well. If there have been any problems along these lines now’s the time to correct them all communications should go well under this influence.

27th January The second square a Scorpio Moon square the Sun, Mercury and opposes Uranus, this is the intense energy of Scorpio where we are able to see quite clearly where we are right now. There’s also the energy of disruption so I wouldn’t plan anything today – go with the flow, to whatever is needed we need to be agile everything doesn’t always go to plan.

By the 30th January a Sagittarius Moon connects well with the Sun, Mercury and squares Neptune so there is hope in the air, connections are fine yet we have this uneasy feeling about us, something just isn’t right if you have to make decisions. I wouldn’t do it do today not unless it’s already well prepared planned, however these energies to the Moon are fast and won’t last long it when we put them together constructively that we get a result think of it as a hitch that’s going away.

2nd February is the crescent Capricorn Moon major conjunction so we have a double whammy it’s really strong,  so we still feel the Saturn creating what we want in life and stripping away what we don’t want, while Mars is active and can get quite volatile, especially if we are dealing with authority figures, just being aware can help in not getting into any arguments with insight.

3rd February dark of the Capricorn Moon square Uranus this feels like unrest we need to be free, like the song “I want to break free”.

However, there may be circumstances where others come into life and disturb us so be aware. On another level you may want more freedom and do something which is out of character, just know that this energy gives us all a sense of freedom but we need to use this in a way that will enhance us, however its sometimes needs patience.