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Spiritual insights into the current influences of our Star the Sun, the Planets and constellations and their influences.

Gemini Sun Stars 21st May Time 07 59

This month begins with disruptions some easy and some not, it all depends how flexible we are as these energies flow into our emotions so we feel this energy with ease rather than strife.

It’s a fast-moving month so much going on with changes happening right before our eyes.  It’s almost as if we are being tested. Mars opposes the Moon and translated indicates our ego is at loggerhead with our emotions. Uranus conjuncts Venus, so there may be a difference of opinion with our friend’s partners and chance to communicate along these lines.

Jupiter Saturn and Pluto, are all retrograde, so it’s likely we are going over the same things again so its not something new, yet there is some newness also coming into our lives.

The 22nd there is a Major Saturn Moon conjunction, this has been a theme running right the way through 2019 and is there to further refine us and release old outdated energy that we no longer need.  All the aspects and planetary alignment are there to serve the higher good, and indeed with Uranus, well aspected to Venus, Neptune and the Moon will give us the tools to see clearly anything that we were not aware of before. Therefore we are getting the whole picture.

Athena is in Libra her natural home and is a here to make sure justice is served so an illuminating month full of change to clear the way and bring clarity into our lives.

Aries.   Big changes with finances and possible something you have been trying to get off the ground, it’s been challenging yet will bring rewards everything is revealed with divine timing.  I feel something will come about this month with a Jupiter Moon conjunction in the 9th house raising consciousness and help needed to get where you want to go, you may need to adapt in some way but the future looks more promising, the time for change is now.  Mercury is very active and will support you if you come up against any challenges take your time and walk your talk and watch your plans manifest into something more lucrative.

Taurus.   With changes on the horizon we are looking at changes on a personal level, as you attract those you need into your life.   The energies now coming in is giving you this opportunity/chance to review different aspects in life now.  It seems as if there are changes in personal relationships a time maybe to test your feelings? Or maybe simply refine them to bring a realisation into what it is you need right now.

Jupiter is well aspected in financial matters with shared resources so it feels good, an opportunity to retrace your steps to see if you are indeed happy with them. Full support is given to you from the Jupiter/Moon conjunction while the Saturn Pluto conjunction is asking you for patience as you move forward.

Gemini Twins
Gemini, zodiac sign of the Twins

Gemini.   With the Sun entering your birth sign, expect it to be a wonderful. A month full of enterprise and change. Jupiter in your 7th house makes you feel so good.  With the Saturn Pluto conjunction in your 8thhouse is asking you to take care of money as it’s not to lucrative right now, yet it will happen more than likely in the December time.

As for now, big changes are occurring in the background so you will feel these and yet may not be totally aware until the 9th June and should then be more revealing.

Athena in Libra is helping to bring balance as well as guidance, being Gemini and fast in the way that you communicate take your time and breath! So you do not miss out on guidance you may perceive.  Use your perception it will take you far now that opportunity is at your door helping to spread your wings to get when you feel you need to go.

Cancer.  With Mars in your first house it’s likely you may come up with challenges. So take a deep breath as there are restrictions at the moment in the 7th house, everything is being revealed. It’s just that you are being prepared especially around the 22nd May. It may just make you feel a little lonely, but it isn’t just asking you to release what isn’t necessary anymore, its time to create a much more refined energy that will serve you well.

A Jupiter  Moon conjunction in your 6th house will serve you well with work and expansion, and the energies are so that you may need to go over and check all is well and adapt if necessary a positive month, yet you need to be careful.

Leo.   Big changes to do with career this links in with creativity and expansion to realise your endeavors – so enterprising.  However the Saturn Pluto conjunction is in your 6th house of work is restricting as its likely you need to further refine or do something you felt was finished.  Athena in your 3rd house links to a part of your chart to do with fortune so go for it, although nothing is straight forward so much can be achieved this month and will give you the adaptability needed here to move forward.

While the Sun in the 11th house of friends and associates groups that come together for a common purpose is likely to give you information that will serve you and others.

Virgo.  The Sun in the 10th house will make you the focus in some way about the work that you do. Also, there are happy feeling around the home, if it hasn’t been too happy lately this is likely to change, though you may have to give some thought to romance and children as Saturn and Pluto are in your 5thhouse perhaps some sort of change is needed maybe organize reshuffle.

A time to refine and adapt to a certain extent.  However, this is something occurring for Virgos and will help to get life more in order.  If you’re thinking of going away then a change of scenery will do you good as there 3 planets all in the house of travel and looks entertaining.  So a positive month more of the same yet all the time due to this refining and releasing will support you in a positive way.

Libra.  With Athena in your 1st house will support you in all communications correspondence’s especially if someone has been giving you a hard time, so know you are not alone, and every support will be given to you just reach up.  There is some excitement and has to do with friends and those close to you and will raise your spirits as well as wisdom.

The Saturn /Pluto conjunction in your 4th house is giving you a reason for concern, just follow your heart and know all will be well.  You do have opportunities through Athena and Part of Fortune here so go with your feelings and you won’t go far wrong.  A positive month where all can be put in order.

Scorpio.   There’s excitement on the way connected to financial gain possibly also connected to the legal profession, I feel you will hear something long overdue to help you on your journey.  The Saturn Pluto connection in your 3rd house is making you feel as you can’t move on due to others yet the above will help to in releasing burdens maybe not all your own.

There are 3 planets in your 7th house Uranus, Venus and Mercury well favoured so expect some enterprising news to come your way.  You may well receive some sort of information coming your way that wasn’t available before therefore helps you put all the pieces together.

Sagittarius.  With Jupiter and the Moon in the 1st the house will bring good news your way as well as opportunities this may well be connected to work that help you further yourself.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction in your 2nd house is still restricting in so many ways, but it’s just until you have further refined yourself to be ready for the life as you are intended for so don’t worry.  As this is the beginning of something new. Something you have been working with and hoping to promote. Neptune is at work gently releasing information needed at this time and will assist you and further help with refining your feelings and consciousness.

Capricorn.   The month begins with challenges and yet this energy will serve to make you stronger.  The good news is that mostly you can feel excited with where you are heading.

The 5th house is occupied with 3 planets Uranus Venus and Mercury and Mercury conjuncts the Sun in your 6th house making work and creatively very important to you and you should see this flourish and give a feeling of optimism.  There appears to be a challenge with someone, so take it easy to know you are well supported and that all will be well.

Aquarius.  The house of freedom and with the part of fortune in your 1st house will give you reason for optimism.   The Saturn Pluto conjunction in the 12th house is giving you reason for concern and yet these energies are working for you and with you to release anything that no longer serves. Neptune also connects here and is further helping to erase delicately so that you may not be aware of this.

The Moon and Jupiter in the 11th house is enhancing group meeting and things you have in common with your fellow man so all looks good.

Pisces.    With Neptune your ruling planet in your 1st house connecting to the Saturn Pluto conjunction is further helping to refine you so you find the real you. Follow your hunches this month as they will serve you will, it seems as though there’s may well be some excitement to do with public standings and this will go far to give you confidence in the things that you do.

Friends and associates play a role here and it’s here that there are many changes should be exciting for you and possibly a new chapter. However there is a challenge is that someone may not completely have the same ideals as you and may create a conflict however this should only last a few hours and yet due to the sensitivity you need to be brave and confident which is what this month is giving you.

Aquarius 20th Jan 2019 Time 09:00

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th Jan and the beginning of our newfound freedom that hasn’t been witnessed before. Everything is changing especially ourselves.

From the 7th January all planets are moving direct up until the 10th April 2019.   The indications of this is that what ever we each decide on or undertake should flow easily and manifest without any hindrance.

So it’s a chance to get anything you wish to manifest, it’s no big deal, its easy everything is working with us now.

Mercury Pluto and Saturn all  oppose the Moon giving a feeling of unleashed emotions with matching words! These are all aspects of ourselves that create a change, it cannot be ignored as Saturn and  his influence is felt and noted so there is a feel of big emotional upheavals yet  grounding these energies to make them viable now, to manifest whatever we are hoping to achieve this is really possible now.

This is walking our talk and saying how we feel, feeling these energies intensely there’s no place to hide here at all and so much more is coming to the surface now to be released for our highest good so although this may well be trying it’s a good leverage where communications are powerful  and will make all the difference in our lives coupled with impatience as we cannot  take any side steps.

This is Saturn, Sun with Uranus we are being invested with positive energies that change life for each of us but be aware there are so many months ahead where we ground and sort out something of importance to us personally it’s a piece of the puzzle.

Now we can create anything so it’s best to keep our mind set on what we want and look an all prospects good or challenging as we are moving forward unprecedented. Whatever we set out to achieve, we can do it.

Be aware Jupiter connects with Venus and Mars so there so many opportunities for expansion money should prosper especially if things have been a bit tight. However you need to watch your expenditure to make this work as all is moving forward, we have so much, all is looking good be conscious of where we are going challenges, as well as opportunities just watch how things develop, there will be areas that just cannot be ignored yet we will face theses with valour, like warriors of light.

The Cancer Moon is the ever flowing river of life, there to reflect all we feel with strong boarders to channel this energy, and she’s strong opposing Mercury, Pluto and Saturn. She wants to care for everyone this is the nurturing qualities and demands that everyone is taken care of irrespective of race, light or brown doesn’t matter and I feel this in very much within our philosophy right now.

On the 21st January and eclipse of the Moon.  This feels like a tidal wave of we-the- people, intense energies coming to the surface of what’s happening, no more waiting we want change now and it is happening this kind of energy will take us through the rest of the year too, each month another grounding further refining to get life perfect for us.

However this is a Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun, out with the old king and in with the new, new beginnings but it’s something we will go through in order to achieve this.

The past is gone and this now is a new era. The 30th January and Sun, Mercury conjunction fast news.

Followed by the 31st January a major conjunction of Venus all indications are a raise in energies for sure. Able to harness this energy all to our abilities while big changes, a surprise, an upheaval, yet it’s favorable.

This energy is absolutely potent, so I feel it’s a possibly connection to a global upheaval of some kind as its  leading us to the 2nd of February a major conjunction for the Moon and Saturn where we have a chance to reflect on our strategy frame-work of where we are letting go once again that which we don’t have time for us and choosing just what we want to spend our time on, to manifest so we channel our energies into what we need right now, this energy is on-going until we have structured our lives in such a way that we reclaim our birth right.

By the 8th February, Sun, Jupiter excellent connection will last for about 4/5 days this energy is full of inspiration good for writing, exam work, legalities and basically expansion, thinking outside the box so with the earlier grounding that we received from Saturn we can expect to expand and manifest now, Mercury enters Pisces on the 10th February so much has been going on and now time to digest take it all in.

On the 14th February Mars enters Taurus. He’s not overly happy here as we are connecting to what we have and haven’t done, the ego takes a hit, however with all the Saturn influence I don’t think this will be a problem and sometimes we need to be reminded on what we to be grateful for.

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