Uranus 11 March 2003

Uranus is the planet of freedom; it clears away that which we have no longer use for. During the last 7 years we have been trying to find a way out of our current dilemma, many changes have already taken place during this time. These were necessary in order to get where we are now.

So far the year 2002 has allowed us to ground spiritual energy so that is can be harnessed and become part of our natural makeup as indeed it is. Then Jupiter moved into Leo focusing on the need to get in contact with and feel that vibrant energy, the spiritual power within us to become all that we are now. 

Uranus moving into Pisces will indeed take on a different mode of expression. Watch out for changes for example: music, clothes fashions, and moral values, all changing for the better. First any problems will need to be bought to the surface, these may be aspects of the self that you may not even realise are draining vital energy, these may well be long term situations that you have lived with. These aspects of your self will need to be dealt with, to help you come to terms with parts of your self that you are not entirely happy with.

Other aspects of Uranus are not going to be easy, but what an opportunity! Imagine a whirlpool beneath the sea of the unconscious is indeed stirred making every one responsible for their own actions. Perception I feel will be enhanced so that in the coming years we can all become in tune with the universe simply because you will become to know and understand our potential.

Also the voice of the people will come together as one again. Bringing union, as brothers and sisters, every one becoming equal, everything is important. That means that every ones life style in reference to the haves and have-nots should also be equal. This means that in the future we will all take an interest in world affairs so that every ones life can be bought to acceptable levels of existence and that every one is happy with the environment in which they live. I mean just imagine not having any water and having to walk 5-6 miles a day, what an effort for the bare necessities!

This I feel will create changes in ideals simply because in many ways we have been transformed. It will have big changes within our own environment as well as worldwide. This period will last for about 7 years.

Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces, this points to religion, with Uranus moving into Pisces it is not difficult to see that radical changes are evident. Changes are occurring right now. There are lots of brilliant web sites giving really important information to all with no exclusions.

New documents will be found that specify the law of the heavens for earth. No longer will the dogmatic views of those in authority rule our lives, rather we will be independent so that we can dedicate our lives more in line with a philosophy for living rather than the law’s of mankind.

Val Georgiou
Dec 4th 2002