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Scorpio Sun Reading 2021

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, PlutoRetrograde: Uranus, Neptune The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd October and from here on it’s a whole new ball game! There’s absolute direction and no stopping progress. If you have been pondering about something or just can’t get something off the ground then this is an opportunity […]

Cancer Sun Reading 2021

Cancer Sun Reading 21st June 2021 Time 03h 32m  Direct Planets Venus Uranus Neptune goes retrograde 26th June Retrograde Jupiter Saturn Pluto This reading begins with disruptions and diversions they don’t have to be challenging but as these are unexpected it jars us into action. These energies may connect with family; an existing relationship, or […]

Scorpio Moon 15 November 2020

Time 05 07 Direct Planets: Pluto Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Athena Retrograde: Uranus Chiron north node, Neptune turns direct on the 29th Nov Big changes in the air very much in line with last Moon.  So much controversy with Mercury and Uranus at odds, and it’s not going anywhere, Uranus is retrograde which means there […]