north node

7 – 11 December 2021

A challenging day so much truth is being revealed we will be seeing events through new eyes, information coming though, we may feel a little frustrated with so much on our minds yet time will release these feelings.   We have been fooled yet no more the truth will set us free.         So many planets […]

Sagittarius Sun Reading 2021

Sun Enters Sagittarius 22 November 2021 Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus Jupiter Saturn PlutoRetrograde: Uranus, Neptune, Neptune moves direct 2nd Dec.Mars opposes Uranus, Sun Mercury opposes the North node The biggest pointer this month is the connection of the Sun/Mercury opposing the north node.  Neptune is also quite strong releasing illusions. The sign of Sagittarius ruled […]

Cancer Moon 20 July 2020 Reading

New Moon 20 July 2020 Time 17h 33m Planets: Direct Mercury Venus Mars Uranus moves Retrograde 16th August Retrograde Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto. Double Cancer Moon, this means we have more to assimilate, seems big changes to create life called freedom. 20th July.  This Cancer Moon begins with powerful energies, the Moon opposes Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto trines Neptune […]