Synodic Period

Moon Energy

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How do we use this power?

The Moon is like a giant mirror reflecting all that she feels, and this in turn is how we respond to different energies. Her ultimate drive is to integrate the area within us, which responds to different situations: Past; Future; and the Now. She requires us to learn and evolve ourselves. In following the moon we align ourselves to the natural forces of the universe.

Changing Moon

The Synodic Period

Is a cycle of phases, from New Moon to New Moon, lasting 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes. The Moon spends two and half days travelling through each astrological sign. I will use the time when the Sun makes an aspect to the Moon rather than when the Moon has just entered a sign.

You may notice that some aspects, although the same, may have different meanings. This is because the aspects the Moon makes on her journey around the zodiac are interpreted differently in the first half (waxing), than the second half (waning). This is because from the New to Full the Moon is on her way to fulfillment, whereas during the second half her light is diminishing. This brings completion of one cycle so we are ready to reorient the self and prepare for the Moon’s new impulse.