Sun enters Virgo 23 August 2019

23 August 2019 – Virgo Sun

Second square Moon squares the Sun-Venus and Mars.

The Sun enters Virgo today at 10:02 am this gives us a chance to organise our thoughts to see clearly into everything, the beginning of this Moon felt uphill now we can see to the heart of everything, all is clear.  

There’s quite a bit of weight with the north node in Cancer opposing Saturn and Pluto indicates there is no way out, it’s  not too challenging yet we-the-people must unite for all our brothers and sisters for in reality we are all one this is it the breaking down of the old system and the new unfolding.

The pinnacle of this was, of course, the full Moon just gone. Now with Virgo strength and clarity playing her part all can be seen and changed around the great unfolding a new awakening, a new Earth.