Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings are booked online and given over Skype. When you book a reading we will contact you to book your  reading. We are available to read daily from 11 am – 11 pm BST.

Astro Readings

All the Astro Reading s are drawn up from your natal chart by Val.  There is quite a choice of astrological readings available.  Jupiter reading, Moon reading or a Venus reading.  When you order a reading you will be asked for your: date of birth and place of birth.  Your astrological reading is then written by Val and will be sent to you as a pdf.

Jewels of the Firebird

We have a growing selection of Stirling Silver, 9ct Gold jewellery.

Crystal Jewellery

We have crystal pendants which are beautiful and functional.  Working and wearing crystals have many benefits, healing, protection, even clarity of speech and more. Some pieces have been worked and shaped though we have raw crystal jewellery too.

We are based in the UK and are currently using BST which is GMT +1

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