Words from a Seer

words from a Seer
a person of supposed supernatural insight who sees visions of the future.

Words from a Seer – Visions shared.

18 July 2019 – horrible vibe in the air, feel like something very horrible is coming, how big and terrible I don’t know.  Trust your intuition, listen to it! Keep your eyes open and headphones off when walking.

Saw a storm coming in the shape of a massive black bird, as it was flying in could see tentacles coming down looking for negative energies for it too feed on.  Tentacles can only attach to negative (fear, anger, hate).

Then went into this and saw the life force (water) of the Earth (Gaia) trapped and surrounded by the darkness and negative energies that have been deliberately fed into the universal sub-conscious.  Saw that the water somehow the magic is trapped and difficult to access. 

That we had to fight and be conduits of light, feet firmly planted, love flowing and connect to our cosmic roots.  With the numbers building so the trap/net comes off and the Goddess is free to inspire and nurture.

Often seen evil as huge mutated black bird or an octopus.  For me the darkness is upon us. Its an individual fight for light.  Shine brightly, we can do this and help turn the universal subconscious back to being full of inspiration and love and understanding.  Dream and believe.

21 June 2019 – Summer Solstice

Saw a seed  that was growing, green and healthy, though the husk of the seed seemed to be stuck, saw this as the old darkness trying to stifle the life of this new dawn for humanity.  Saw the outside although trying to keep the growth of the seed held in check, an explosion of growth and the force that tried to contain the seeds growth dissappeared.

Also saw people and a grey stormy wind that just blew and that where people were together the storm cold not touch them, that there were those that were alone and struggling in the wind but though nobody could see because of the grey dirty wind they would come up against a group that held each other to weather the storm, when the storm blew a new person to the group they were included and the group got stronger.

This reminded me of something I saw about 20 years ago.  I saw a man by his desk with loads of paperwork on his desk, he was holding order but a clean breeze came in and disturbed his desk and as hard as he tried to keep order the goddess had other ideas.

31 October 2018

Beware of the darkness that hides in others.  Illusions have been cast and the darkness creeps to those that are weak.

Those who serve the darkness have yet to be revealed.

Polish your armour of protection , shine your light brightly, sharpen your sword of truth, speak true with kindness.

Remember that love is most powerful, though needs vessels to flow.

Walk forward fighting and standing for truth. Let love guide your heart.

The darkness has filled the universal subconscious with filth, it now reaches for new homes, evil is relying on your complacency.

Each act of light and bravery, no matter how small counts.  Our Mother Earth calls Her warriors forth.