Scorpio New Moon 2019

Scorpio New Moon 

28th October 2019 time 3h 38 mins

Uranus and Neptune Retrograde

The new Moon begins so dynamic, there are big changes on the horizon that carries through till the next crescent Moon.  We all need to keep ourselves flexible so we can move forward with these times. These are changes meant to be and clears the way to ultimate freedom without our self-imposed boarders. 

There is support from Saturn that will help us in seeing the value of this, but changes are here to create the life we all choose.  These changes are fundamental as the old structures are released. 

The 29th October communications are flying around regarding this and is powerful and thorough yet will change so much in our lives. 

By the 1st November and a Capricorn Moon there much more ease of expression not that it was limited, but room to manoeuvre and move forward with these changes. The facts are before us we are feeling far more in tune with these energies, and its different for each of us.

The barriers are being removed especially on the 2nd November and last major Moon Saturn conjunctions quite appropriate with this Moon of change.  They have been taking place since February this year. Month by month the illusions have been stripped away, helping us with strong and effective communications that leave no room for illusions.

4th November and first quarter Aquarius Moon gives us an opportunity to see clearly what’s taking place and how it affects us and gives us room to broaden our skills to expand as never before.

By the 7th November and Pisces Moon energy flows so well with us and enables us to use our perception easily while giving substance to what we each see.  There’s a vastness of feelings and thoughts so much can be conveyed by phone, communications, great wealth of information coming through friends and colleges, helps to create a change in our circumstances, especially if we have been struggling for so long this seems to be it and well over due!

By the 12th November and full Moon in Taurus communications are heightened so much going on that is so pleasing while all this has support and grounding, while changes taking place now, coupled with an idealism and the prospect of turning things around. Almost a transformation as we can do something with this energy its dynamic yet has a gentleness about this and big overhaul, so keep yourself in a place where nothing has been over looked.

The 17th November. A Cancer Moon the Sun and Moon are in harmony while Moon opposes Pluto so something has got to give, a challenge is evident these energies are so acute in some way nothing here is left to grace, this is an evolutionary challenge able to get to the bottom of feelings and challenges or change in the month.

The 19th November and second quarter Moon is dynamic and will give us insights into what is taking place and how it affects each of us.  This is Scorpio and Leo at its best both dynamic all is possible and in harmony with Venus and with Jupiter giving us expansion while Venus with her gentleness and ease of expression provides us the chance to chat with friends.

As we move to the 22nd November and Libra Moon, very much in harmony with our energies and helping us to bring a knowingness while enabling us to expand further. It’s all about growing and stepping out side of our barriers to feel so much more freedom  away from restrictions. It’s time to move forward again with ease of expression.  Its an idea to keep an eye on our personal energies as these energies are strong and may make us feel drained by the end of the day, even though it’s wonderful.

23rd November Sun enters Sagittarius and energies more expansive.

While 24th November and Crescent Moon in Scorpio again our energies are in harmony although changes and disruptions, surprises going on everywhere, try to go with the flow and forget about plans. This energy is dynamic plenty of energy nicely channelled yet Uranus again is disrupting the status quo

25th November The dark of the Moon in Scorpio – Wow! This is quite brilliant, Mercury is acute need to watch what you say, yet good for going inwards. Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are active so follow your hunches and see how all falls into place. Meditations can be so much help during this time, perception is heighted, and we can harness these energies to assist with the next Moon.