Saturn Moon Conjunction

23 May 2001

This is a potent conjunction and will effect every one in various degrees.

Saturn changes signs on the 21st April into Gemini and this is where it begins. The 23rd May 01 is the first conjunction followed by Jupiter/moon conjunction on the 24th May.

The Saturn conjunction brings in a new order, although this is the date, we have been making our way towards this period for some time now.

As a reference point if you go back to the major solar eclipse that occurred in August 1999, this period takes you back to where situations were really quite difficult and life demanded that we take stock of our lives and focus on equality within. That was to make all aspects of life harmonious, creating time for reverence, a philosophy that has a spiritual dimension as well as the mundane. So creating 4 equal parts: mundane, spirituality, emotional and direction (fire, earth, air, water) This was the tug of war that a lot of us got to at that point. I feel that God/dess was needing some sort of acknowledgement, as well as the realisation that this energy is within each us, so we become more aware of the higher forces that direct us.

The eclipse that occurred in Capricorn at Christmas was a Saturn influence, this period gave us the chance to get our lives in order on a mundane level and prepare us for the superior conjunction of Saturn and moon this May ’01.

Saturn is a teacher and he’s bringing in a new order where every one needs to adapt to our fast changing world. Saturn is also karmic, in that you cannot move forward unless you have managed to get events and life’s circumstances on an even keel. It may also be easy it all depends on how well each of us is managing life.

The Saturn conjunction is about beginnings and endings, so some things may be left behind but only those that no longer holds purpose. We do not need to carry unnecessary baggage.

This conjunction occurs in the air sign of Gemini, being the sign of the fast thinker, the trickster, the light as well as the dark, the duality that is part of Gemini. This influence will enable us to assimilate all information that usually stays up in the air, with this energy we will be more able to harness and channel these thought forms much more skilfully.

For many this may include authoritarian figures, maybe exams or contracts, legalities, work separations. It may also be a little lonely, as really every one needs to lean only on them selves, and this can be a bit scary, and this is one of the reasons that it may seem difficult.

On a more positive level this whole year may well be about stabilising your self in a completely new environment. Or making some thing of your self that is full of surprises. Believe in yourself! Follow your heart, if feels good then you are probably going in the right direction.

There are quite a few major conjunctions this year they begin in May with this one and is followed closely by a Jupiter/ Moon conjunction that has an expanding effect, after reading this article go to the Jupiter conjunction.

Val Georgiou

14 March 01