Sagittarius Moon 2019

Sagittarius Star Sign

Sagittarius 26th November 2019   Time 15h 06m

Jupiter enters Capricorn 3rd December 2019

Neptune is retrograde moves direct on the 28th November 2019

Uranus Retrograde

This Moon begins with optimism and is justified, so much is coming to the surface culminating at the full Moon.  It’s funny the new Moon provides no aspects all our thoughts are on expansion, communications, speculation it’s all to do with how we think and how we feel?   

This new Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, also moves into Capricorn on the 3rd December, so long as we trust our integrity to help and serve others – no buckling!

We can do this, this is our calling of what we each have come here to do. This will give us all opportunities untold, especially if it has a business slant and give us all a chance to expand. To think and feel differently away from  the usual structure. feels like we can now open a gigantic gate that creates a whole new ball game.

By the 28th November a major conjunction with Moon/Jupiter, occurs so it’s a biggie, going to open up a new awareness with growth that we haven’t seen in a very long time, as well as a conjunction of Venus/Moon flooding us with love and light, providing us with emotional security.  

Couple this with the Jupiter conjunctions and see all changing before our very eyes nothing will escape us now, we have so much on our side as well as the energy now providing each of us on what we can handle, this is perception in a big way. The end of the old way and bringing in the new.

A new structure is being formed by we-the-people.  We now have before us new guide lines, the book has been written,  we released so much month by month the 29th November is the last Moon/Saturn  conjunction, and has served its purpose we should all have a clean slate now having removed the past  now we see from a different perspective.

Venus connects well with the Moon, and by 6am the first quarter/Moon we see clearly on many aspects we were not aware of plus Moon/Neptune conjunctions we begin to twig so much more so much is being revealed that gives us all a firm direction that has real structure so expect loads of information to come flooding in.

By the 7th December and Aries Moon it’s all action most of this is easy going our energy seems to be strong we can do whatever is necessary without too much hindrance and yet we will Definity need to focus.

Full Moon, Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini, these are both mutual signs giving us lots of latitude.  In order to make the most of this full Moon it is important to be comfortable with your emotional body, and hopefully now fully integrated so we use these energies with confidence.

This is very much on teaching, helping and serving others. Travel is also possible or work from overseas we just need to be ready. Lots of ideas feeling life differently optimism in the face of what is surfacing is huge We will more than likely realise what we have come here to do.  Lots of communications so much going on almost revelations.

By the 16th December and a Leo Moon feelings of optimism and far away places. Confidence should be quite strong yet we will need to exert ourselves as it’s a possibility someone, or lack of confidence may try to influence us and stop us in our tracts, so be sure of what we really want.  If it comes from the heart and feel comfortable with choices go for it.

Moving on to the 19th December and 2nd quarter Libra  Moon this is easy and yet challenging if we can keep our balance, and feel what is right for each of us then this can be quite positive, the energy of Libra needs to be in balance  to view all in a clear mind so if this is so we can move mountains and really push forward in life embracing opportunities.

By the 21st December a chance for a change over to a new chapter should we choose, this is Uranus a surprise or disruptions don’t expect the day to simply flow. It fares well with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter and yet Uranus in active too so we need to be aware.

By the 23rd December and crescent Scorpio Moon again its moving forward, unprecedented really strong day connects with Pluto, although she is never easy so it’s not easy revolutionary changes.

Dark of the Moon in Sagittarius, connects well with Venus squares Neptune.  Perceptions is heightened idealism on how we feel and nostalgia. Excellent opportunity for meditation so much can be revealed here for the coming new Moon and 2020.