Reclaim Your Power

Declaration Of Your Will In Service to Light.

We are now in the Aquarian age.  Our Sun is firmly within the Galactic Light and we are at a nexus of great change. The age of enlightenment has been suppressed through various official bodies.  Great finds have been hidden. Great masters have been vilified or their teachings hidden or corrupted. 

Our complacency and our ignorance of the governance of Earth has been taken as acceptance for the status quo. 

  • How can we evolve if those that are supposed to guide us, hinder us?
  • How can we see if the keys of wisdom are hidden?
  • How can we rise if truth is denied? Personal truths change with perspective and the growth of inner wisdom.
  • How can we be closer to God when the church in its riches serves the darkness?
  • Why is our true heritage covered and why are they perverting our race?
  • If truth is covered up and denied how can we see?

The time of false prophets and selfish leaders are done.  Their crimes are coming to light, especially with Pluto peeling back the layers of deceit and revealing all.

‘Ignorance is bliss’ once held true. Now ignorance is a choice and has no place in society.

Irrespective of the development and evolution of the  human race, we have a majesty of spirit and a huge capacity for love. We each have free will, it is this empowered with Love that makes magic.

We have each incarnated at this great time because we are the strongest of the strong. 

With this declaration or intent of will we are saying to the Universe, the Great I am, or the Great White Spirit (however you term the Divine), that you give your support to the path of light and commit to love, light and peace.

We are reclaiming our power from those that covet and abuse it as their own. 

Sign and add your name to the scroll of the Light Warrior.

Why I wrote this – Rise of the Warrior of the Rainbow