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Gemini Moon 2020 – The Phoenix Rises

Gemini Moon 2020 – The Phoenix Rises

22nd May 2020 time 17h 39m

The Direct Planets  

Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Neptune all direct. Mercury turns retrograde 18th June

Retrograde Planets

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus

This new Moon connects well with expansive Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, (these 3 planets are all in harmony with the New Moon) creating a new stability away from the chaos of last Moon.  

This is a new way of life – still to be implemented, yet it’s on the horizon created by we the people.  We are looking at new ways of doing things, right the way across the board a new life; a new freedom; like we haven’t seen before.  

22 May This new Moon is buzzing with new ideas so there is excitement in the air.  

As we move on to the 25th May we begin to see these ideas create a direction that is fast and unhindered. This creates the change that we all need. This is a basic modification which we have created ourselves. A new  platform, a new structure whatever we each have created this is the beginning of the unfoldment and together it’s a WOW!       

A Leo Moon shines brightly as Jupiter expands on what we already know and Saturn and his harsh reality. Yet the Sun eases that to a certain extent creating new ideas that can formulate a new way forward for us to work on. It’s all crystal clear.

As we move to the Virgo Moon on the 30th May and first quarter Moon we are able to see the whole picture. It’s sizzling with new ideas, able to see how all the pieces fit together and ways of doing things that haven’t been tried before.

This is expansion on a large scale and is also very much to do with how we all connect and how we relate to each other. News is travelling so fast, travel and so much more this is a global thing as well as what we do for ourselves since we have had so much time with lockdown.  

The 1st of June a Libra Moon and keeping the balance today is not hard everything is easy going. We are analysing and using our perception to what feels right. Plus so much information coming in. This Moon is about progress like we haven’t seen before! A happy time so much now is coming into our laps. A faraway cry from last few months and past years so much transformation. It’s not over yet but this Moon proves to be good supportive and helpful to us all

5th June. The full moon in Sagittarius opposes Venus squares Mars.

There’s excitement in the air everything is crystal clear, The Sun is busy gathering information, while Venus is distributing, the only thing that can cause a problem or hiccup is if we are too complacent while Mars in Pisces is using all his strength to swim to shore.  

So, lots of information coming in, it is going to open our eyes to what is, truths will be a revealed and will change many things in life for the good of all.    

By the 10th June everything goes well. It’s a smooth day and if your work load is heavy this is the ideal setting as so much can be accomplished today as there are no hindrance’s.  

The 13June Aries Moon, second quarter if we choose, we have a chance here to set out just what we want for next Moon almost a map to assist.  

There are so many happy aspects today everything just flows. The only challenge is Mars closely linked to the Moon while we have the quarter aspect that enables us to see and understand all aspects of this Moon so far.

Mars is direct and feelings are on the cuff, if life isn’t right then he’s going to give us his import or rather we are!

The 16 June goes easy with what we want, our perception; our feelings so they flow well and in harmony. There is a bit of a harsh reality. It’s a matter of keeping all with what we can handle from expansion and structure.  

The 18 June and crescent Moon in Gemini. Everything is buzzing so much is going on, we are talking about many changes going on around us and within. From expansion to a new way of going about life, to ideals on how we would like life to be and the changes being implemented by us creating a transformation, this is it!

The dark of the Moon a Gemini Moon conjuncts Venus so this is about loving ourselves caring about others and giving. That has already happened, with lock-down and the growth that we have gone through called love.

Leo Sun Stars Reading 2019

Spiritual Astrological Reading Sun enters Leo 23 July 2019 by Val (Vassoulla) Georgiou

This month is monumental, in the light of last month, we all is being scrutinised.

Mars will do as he told as he has to consult with Jupiter. Mercury is at logger’s head with Pluto as is Mercury and Venus, Saturn opposes Venus, so there’s no let-up as the Moon begins her journey with Mercury Sun and Mars all in conjunction.  The easy transits are Moon trines the Sun and Jupiter Mars.

Mercury Jupiter Saturn Pluto Neptune are all retrograde

23rd July.  As we have all heard everything is coming out into the open, and there isn’t going to be any let up, from there on it’s going to be a type of domino effect that will affect us all in different aspects in life, I’m talking globally here.

Once that happens everything will be turned on its head, and we shall feel more freedom in the wake of what is happening.

On a personal level we all know the score, Saturn in the 7th house of relationships in this Sun chart, and with Venus opposing Saturn we may need to look at our relationships some may have passed its time. A good time to evaluate these, and see just what is it we need right now.   It’s an idea to support this and note what holds you back.

However and because of this we are making decisions that we feel confident with to realise what we want and need in our life, and today is the beginning of all of this.  So the feelings behind today is about getting where we need to go without the need to reach out “we can do it”.

So those energies that have been reeling about in our minds need to be aired, and I don’t feel there’s any way we can hold them back its about walking our talk, yet we need to be careful how this comes across, actions speak loader than words we can more forward without any kind of resistance just be careful, as we move into a new chapter.  

The 1st August and new Moon and links to Mars and nice easy transit to Jupiter meaning this is a time of expansion to spread your wings, with the emphases to see things through, so those hoping for a promotion or in business should expect for all to go well and also if there is any need for advice from professionals the time is ripe and relatively easy.  

Moving on to the 2nd August around 10am we find our best intentions are being shaken in terms of relating! So don’t push anything here as everything is up in the air, as we progress to the evening everything has changed again and is harmonious.  

And by the 7th August we have a lovely aspect with the Sun and Jupiter giving us all 3 days of confidence to get where we need to go so we feel free.

9th. August 08:24GMT This is a fleeting transit will only last for a couple of hours yet so much can be done in that time, it connects with Saturn where we have an opportunity to air our feelings. It’s not really easy and yet it’s certainly not challenging it’s more to do with saying what you have felt within our hearts so it’s being true to yourself.

12th August is the famous Saturn/Moon conjunction this energy has been effective each month and is helping us to remove all unwanted baggage from the past so it may well be we may feel a little quiet and need our own space.

Don’t forget we are reshaping our world – by January 2020 it will be complete.

By the 14th August the Sun links to Venus giving us a time to talk things through its cosy and effective should last for about 3 days

15th Aug  Full Moon  Leo/Aquarius Venus opposes the Moon and the culmination of the new moon, this Moon is the HUMANITARIAN that cares for all, freedom-loving while the Sun is totally focused on the self to keep one in balance and in harmony, this tends to make us feel maverick yet it’s very much linked to relationships, if  all is well then we may be thinking on reactivating something new here or it may be we feel we want to nurture to support but we need to be careful if this is what is called for.  

It’s a testing time for us all if something isn’t right then this could well be a turning point for us all.  However, we are in changing times for sure and with our new freedom creates chances and wisdom we didn’t even know we had this is the crowning of a new King and a new you.

23rd August The Sun enters Virgo and from then on its will be more to do with detail, and how all the details come together.

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Cancer Moon 21 June 2020

Cancer Moon 21 June 2020 & Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Cancer New Moon & Summer Solstice 2020

Cancer Moon 21st June Time 06 h 41 m

Retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus

Direct Planets: Venus, Mars, Uranus Neptune

Retrograde Mercury Jupiter Saturn, Uranus

Aspects: Pluto Jupiter Athena and Saturn are all conjunct meaning the very foundation of how we live is changing.

Mercury and Neptune are In good alignment, meaning compassion and awareness, Moon makes a soft aspect to Uranus at 23 35 assisting with a more gentle transaction, while Venus aspects Chiron the wounded healer, who better to know the pain of others that is now taking a gigantic leap forward all in the sign of Cancer and Mother of us all.   

The Moon begins with almost an upgrade, such strength and healing taking place as we view the past and now, yet so much unrest. If we want our world to change then its going to stir the waters and this is what is happening, yet it will all have a good outcome.

21st June 2020

This new Moon begins with the influence of Mercury, links to Neptune and Uranus if you’re a sensitive then you will find that perception is open wide, creating and artistic ventures, imagination full of ideas, in the sign of cancer.

Our minds will be on family and values here mind drifting back and forth much like the tide, so this Moon is more inwards, also information now coming through that wasn’t accessible before, so there’s a lot to digest this Moon. 

As we move on to the crescent Cancer Moon on the 23rd  June 2020 and change of signs at 12:33 BST to Leo opposes Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and good connections with Venus who has already showed her sensitivity, understanding and need for balance while Mars is very direct yet not obtrusive and gives us food for thought.    So it’s here we find a tremendous shift as the light begins to show her face we are changing things around FROM  the old and in with the new, the shift takes place in our minds and filters our feelings a new king is being crowned and a new way of living we  take back our power to bring  BALANCE and HARMONY once more.

The 26th June is much easier as it’s a Virgo Moon a day to get all in order, everything runs smoothly while changes necessary, what may seem challenging can now move forward effortlessly. 

By the 28th June first quarter Moon Mercury are both square, to there’s going to be a great deal of insight, a knowingness and Venus so this is all about communications while Venus will assist in keeping all balanced and give a bigger view point,  it’s here where you can see clearly. 

By the 30th June and Scorpio Moon this is strong and full of surprises, everything appears to run smoothly then there is a big change for good or not! It can go either way but it’s going to shift the waters. 

5th July full Moon in Capricorn it’s quite major as we have so many planets here, conjuncts Jupiter and Pluto, it’s bringing to the fore what we felt at the new Moon it now it’s being revealed big time. Pluto will leave nothing to chance and may make us feel a bit moody, while Jupiter amplifies it but also assures us all will be well and gives reason to hope so, it’s not going to leave much to the imagination. 

I feel something will come up globally, every day we see so much we weren’t aware of yesterday, it’s all Capricorn  it’s the heart of our foundation , perhaps new rules are being set out but with Jupiter playing his part it not going to just roll over and needs to be balanced with we-the-people so something along these lines. 

As we move on to the 10th July and Pisces Moon Neptune is strong a much easier day, planets are harmonious a good day to work from within and know where your heading with confidence much easier to listen to the soft voice within, if you are creative loads can be achieved today in the way of ideas that can bloom later.   

The second quarter 15th July links to Venus and gives us the chance to review with Venus providing a soft platform for our review.

18th July and crescent Gemini Moon so although this is Gemini and so much information comes through with this sign there is not a great deal happening, time to go within and follow hunches.

19th July and dark of the Cancer Moon feelings there’s a slight unease here, changes, surprises here, while there a lot of information coming thought either email or long distance information coming in for all over the place that may change our perspective in some way.

Taurus Moon Reading 23 April 2020


Taurus Moon Chart 2020 shows planetary placements
Taurus Moon 23 April 2020

Time 02 h 26 m 00

Taurus Moon 23rd April 2020 Time 02 h 26 m

All planets move direct until the 26th April when Pluto moves retrograde.

This Moon begins unexpectedly, a type of catalyst for the rest of the year which mostly effects finances. I feel big change’s around this area.  

This change is further implemented with new plans, a new foundation and a complete change due to this.

Also connects with the north node in Cancer needing to nurture the under privileged, no more pomp but rather the compassion that reaches we-the-people that this sign offers. It’s going to create so much speculation everything is taking place so fast, all buzzing, chatting and communications on all levels.

25th April The crescent Gemini Moon connects well with Jupiter and Saturn, creating just the right energy for us to see the broader view on what has just happened. This gives us much more room to manoeuvre to create what we each feel we need as so many restrictions are being lifted due to this.

Today will help us create a new foundation and within this structure enables us to make changes with a knowing that we can adjust easily to this new foundation.

As we move on the 28th April and Cancer Moon, this energy still very much connected with Uranus creating an inner antenna to feel this new energy. It’s almost a new direction for the soul, new ideas, new messages, new output and input.

The 30th April also emphasises this and links with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus. We see everything so clearly and these changes will actually enhance us to have a smooth day.

The 30th April first quarter Moon links with Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus-Saturn. Today is giving us the first serious glimpse on how these changes are affecting us.

It’s a Leo moon so we are talking about the changes taking place – within as well as in our life and the establishment.  Serious thoughts here on what is happening and how we respond. It’s a bit restless not knowing how the lay of land will lie, yet these changes will enhance us. It is just a process that now needs to unfold.  

By the 3rd May a much easier day everything is so much clearer and there the feeling of happiness and excitement however there is still much to be uncovered.  

Yet the shift is transformational and changes the status quo.

7th May full Scorpio Moon links with Mercury, Neptune-Pluto there is some conflict as the full Moon usually reveals yet it’s a powerful drive to succeed in what we are hoping for or working towards.

However it’s not all plain sailing we just need to watch how we put ourselves across as communication skills are not at their best.

We might just be too instinctive; it’s just falling out of our mouth before giving ourselves a chance to think, so be careful with what you say.

It’s a turnaround of sorts you we just need to be patient here and go with caution rather than full throttle.

By the 12th May life is much more even. All going well, communications are just right, if there has been any misunderstandings now’s a good time for these to be resolved, so the path ahead is clear.

This second quarter of the Moon gives options and clarity, it’s a little sharp as we see things clearly yet it gives us insight on what has transpired and what is available as we see so many possibilities.

The 17th May is easy a Pisces Moon connects to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto and able to go with the flow even with the challenges as we overcome so many upheavals.

The 20th May and a Taurus Moon connects well will Mars and more structure from Saturn and a surprising touch from Uranus this is an on-going movement that is going to change so much in our lives.  

It’s a small transit in the way of things but evident at the new Moon so it’s still playing and making upheavals, changes that have occurred this Moon are very likely to stay with us.

The dark of the Moon in Gemini connects with Neptune well so our energies may well be inspirational. There are so many different ways of connecting and feeling this energy. Make the most of this energy and be aware of insights dreams and inspiration.

Aries Moon Reading 24 March 2020


Time 09h 28m

Aries Moon 2020
24 March 2020 Wheel for Aries Moon

All Planets move direct until 26th April

A new Moon in Aries, conjunct Chiron the wounded healer. 

Saturn moved into Aquarius on the 23nd March and now we have an entirely different ball game.

Mars, Pluto and Jupiter all closely connected in Capricorn.

Uranus and Venus both in Taurus.

North node in Cancer

Athena in Capricorn.

24th March the new Moon begins with a yearning almost a restlessness to set the world right. This connects to the warrior aspect of Aries closely connected to Chiron.  Aries wants to confront the establishment and make changes based on compassion. As you can imagine this is a real challenge, also to change and be responsible for ourselves without the direction of an outside force.

We want to be free, to feel freedom, that began in Aquarius and we gained a higher awareness in Pisces and now we are ready for action.

This can only be achieved through a kind of death, a transformation of the old to the new.  Chiron the son of Kronos a Shaman, a wise teacher and healer. His siblings are Zeus and also Hades of the Underworld so he has contact with both. Through Chiron we can transform the way we feel, think and act. 

Last Moon we took a good look at ourselves and accepted and released the old, and all that does not serve. Now we need to act for ourselves and the world.

How many times do we watch the news hear someone has just died or a tragedy and then get on with whatever we are doing? Change is the only way.  This is the beginning of a big shift that will bring fairness to all. 

The 27th March and Crescent Taurus Moon is as if a light is shining through in terms of communications.

The 29th March links with Saturn arranging fast communication, influences a kind of grounding and plans of change that has far more flexibility.

The 1st April and first quarter Moon helps us to see clearly with compassion and again plenty of communication in relation to this while we feel we can make a difference to the way the world works simply by us unifying, so simple and strong.

The 3rd April and Leo Moon is bringing forward changes in our lives that make a difference in the way we live. Change always leaves her ripples so we may feel restless or unsettled. It’s a big revolutionary change in our personal lives all we can do is trust that we are doing the right things. 

 The 8th April – Full Moon, Libra Moon squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto also connects with Athena. With these major planets there’s almost a pushing and wanting to use our gifts to support us into a new Earth, a new life. 

Libra ruled by Venus wants fairness and justice for all, also influences money.  This is a huge challenge and many things need to change to satisfy Jupiter who consults with Athena who will use her wise council to bring solutions to the current crises. There’s the feeling of far more thinking outside the usual boundaries of Saturn, who needs to remake plans to fit in with this yet it’s going to take some re-adjustments for us all and Pluto helping us all to make a huge changes within to connect with these energies. It’s almost as if the planets have taken a whole new potency and after this full Moon nothing will remain the same

Changes are necessary for the underprivileged, this can only happen with an abrupt change almost like a tsunami those involved with running the “show” have gone past the sell-by-date. Now we-the-people are making a huge dent in what’s needed and it will happen.  A change over in our lives and globally.

As we move on to the 12th April and Sagittarius Moon in light of the full Moon focus this is far reaching and we want to see more. This energy strips way illusion’s we so we see clearly.

The 14th April the last quarter and Capricorn Moon connects to Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Athena, in preparation for the next Moon and changes that will occur then, this relates to fundamental adjustments needed to make the transfer of old to new.

The 17th April is much more relaxing considering all that has transpired.

 While the 20th April and crescent Moon connects with Saturn again outlines plans for future.

The 21st  April and the dark of the Moon. With Mercury, Mars and Jupiter there’s going to be a focus with the events and revelations of this Moon as to what has transpired and is making a real difference to our lives.

Pisces Moon 23 Feb 202

Pisces Moon 23 Feb 2020

Time 15h 32m

All planets move direct apart from Mercury that moves retrograde to 10th March. All planets move direct from the 10th March to 25th April. With these dates whatever we are trying to manifest, there will be no hindrances.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune are in Pisces.  While Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn, Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus.

The Moon in Pisces is bringing together all that we have worked for and more, we have moved through the elements of fire, earth, air and now water is cementing all we have accomplished so that it really resonates within.

This Moon is about owning our feelings becoming more conscious of who and what we are and what we stand for. The illumination of the ego can be a challenge yet it’s so possible as we move through this sign of Pisces, which prepares us for the Aries Moon of action.

Although the Moon is in Pisces this is a fast move for a new Moon, connects with Mars and Uranus given inspiration and direction to whatever we feel is right for us.  It’s almost as if we can feel this energy instinctively and a yeaning is to get things moving.  While the planets being in Capricorn work harmoniously with Pisces to broaden one’s skills and to become master of ourselves.

23rd February the new Moon, begins so unlike Pisces in a way the energy is so vast yet there is a plan that cannot wait, connecting to Mars creates a strong pathway while Uranus gives us options and inspiration, couple that with sensitivity and we have roots that just cannot go wrong. This is Pisces as its very best using all her energy and so much more to create out of her vastness anything we set our minds to, what an amazing start to the new Moon.

By the 26th February and the crescent Moon all is moving well but it doesn’t have the fluidity we had at the new Moon – there’s almost a hesitancy here. It’s important to be sure that plans are well laid out and that the smallest hindrance doesn’t hold you off guard, not every day flows.

The 29th February  an idealistic day everything is excellent everything is in harmony it has stability inspiration direction and again feelings and perception walk hand in hand, it’s an idea to note these feeling as any past experiences that cause pain can be released, and guiding us to know ourselves from a different platform

The 2nd March is the first quarter Gemini Moon, this gives us a sharp eye to see clearly all that has taken place since the new Moon and we can be critical here so that all is clear, and make changes if we wish and still make a difference to what we perceive as our reality. 

5th March a Cancer Moon links well with the Sun so we are using perception and nurturing we need to be kind to ourselves, yet the changeover coupled with inspiration of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are all at logger heads. It is important something is about to revealed with hindsight, the Moon the past and Jupiter expansion while Pluto provides the changeover.

9th March a Virgo full Moon, provides us with a sharp mind to see things clearly, our mind can make us critical of others, and also of ourselves bringing up past emotions.   This may promote seeking out someone to talk with, to release and get a handle on these energies so that all can bring about a higher perspective, and of course we may play this role out for someone.  

Neptune is evident so I would say don’t make any firm decisions under this full Moon but wait for this influence to pass. 

By the 14th March the choices we need to take can find solutions, a Sagittarius Moon links well with so many planets that changing plans or reconsidering them is a good idea as we have the insight and expansion here, this is all about you! Understanding ourselves and our place in it.

by the 16th March the last quarter Moon we have great insight connected to Mercury can bring about discussions that have clarity for ourselves with an almost critical deciphering of our emotions, as we move forward into the newness that is here and now 

the 18th March and Capricorn Moon and again connections to Mars, Jupiter and Uranus and Pluto bringing with her a transformation as the whole Moon has been heading. Structure plans direction more with inspiration and Pluto revealing all “how can we can really go wrong”. 

Moving on to the 21st March this is a day of an enterprise communication with interesting people so take into account what we may hear and what transpires.

A happy dark of the Moon, a Pisces Moon has so many good connections: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto an array of planets to influence our dark of the Moon so make the most of this inspiration  and revealing time for  expansion basically while we sleep we can use all the tools we have to make the most of this line up simply unheard of.

Reclaim your Power and Rise as a Warrior of the Rainbow

Reclaim Your Power

Sign your name on the Scroll of the Light Warrior

I was inspired to write these so we can add our name to the side of Light in this Great War. No one has a right to speak for us, especially to lie, cheat and steal the path of peace from humanity.

Our acceptance of the machinations of today’s society has been taken as our support and consent!

Our society has become so blind to what is really happening, truth is shot down and buried. People are treated as commodities, death has become a profitable industry worth billions of dollars.

Slavery still exists, children are stolen, used and abused. Pedophilia is rife and there are political machinations supported by some churches for the sexualisation of children.

They have been studies by professors insisting that pedophilia is a normal way to be. That we should even be sorry for pedophiles because its natural.

No – pedophiles are either the abused that go on to abuse, servants of the dark forces or just empty souls that can live with making money on the torture of children and God knows what else.

The real truth is so horrible that decent people cannot conceive that we have such evil among us.

We are at our last stand, we are in the war that has been prophesied since the Essene’s wrote about the sons of darkness. The sexual abuse of our children is evil deliberately damaging great souls so the pain they carry keeps them anchored to darkness.

This is about subverting and corrupting our race so we do not become the major players in the universe and the Great work.

How can we rise?
How can we change things?

‘I think therefore I am’ is what comes into play here and I felt compelled to write this. If we reclaim our power as our own, then we help adjust the scales of balance. Each signature is noted and counts.

By signing your name you are adding your will, power and love to the cause of love.

Each signature strengthens the Light and weakens the darkness.

How ever you see your chamber is what is right for you. There is no right or wrong, don’t worry if you go to your room and instead of a night sky its daylight and you see rolling hills.

This is your sacred space and the uniqueness reflects your own path and journey. We are all different and it makes sense for us all to see things differently and have variations.

Although this is to reclaim your power, you can go back when you want as this is part of you. Here you can speak to your guardians, you may not see them but they can hear .

If you see your guardian as an Egyptian its OK, this is you connecting to powerful lives gone by.

This is all about you, your sacred space and your power.

Can you please let me know if you would like this approaches more detailed or even what you would like to do next.

May love, light and peace flow within us and around us.

Cogs of Time

Over the years in seer work I've seen a big cog just turn one click.  This time that we are born is incredibly powerful.  We all have a part to play in this great war.  Be light and allow the new energies in.
Everything has its moment. Now we have nexus after nexus of huge energy flows. Its time for the human race to remember how wonderful and beautiful we are.

Talking with Val today about past lives and time.

That the eternal part of ourselves is free of time.  That you could see yourself and your lives as a flower.  Your soul is the centre and each petal a life. 

We live life in a linear timeline, that time functions as a prison. You can suffer the consequences of past life decisions and yet in the healing of a future self the circle closes. The negative of the past transforms and heals.

Time traps us, recently with this ecliptic year Val was saying that a cog would turn. Today when we were talking saw a massive cog turn.  When it turns it sets off this event where all these cogs move and turn as if it was a great reset and all cogs large and small turned.

Once time was a tool that we could use, where moments could last for eternity. It was not time that ruled us by the awareness and power of living in the now.

Since the fall time has trapped us, maybe now with this year and the huge revelations we will be free. 

7 August 2019

7th August 2019

1st Quarter Scorpio Moon

Mercury went direct 2nd August

Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto retrograde.

Planetary aspects.  Moon square Sun-Venus sextile Saturn opposes Uranus trine, Neptune

Today is quite potent in terms of energy in that we feel very deeply.  This is powerful as we are feeling this from our center and gives us an advantage to cut through all the jargon.

However, the day isn’t going to go by without a hitch there is a surprise or two in the afternoon so go with the flow and see what happens, I am talking about Uranus here so it may make you feel overly sensitive in that you put your foot in it so we need to be careful.

This energy connects to home and work yet it’s possible that this the change will bring about something you have been waiting for almost a gift, but it could go the other way.  

So things are a little sharp today yet it has a purpose.

Leo Blue Moon 1 August 2019

Leo Blue Moon 1 August 2019

The new Moon begins with Sun, Moon and Mars all in conjunction and trine Jupiter so we have the confidence to see things through.

Chart wheel for Leo Moon 1 August 2019

This Moon begins with so much creativity, a powerful Moon called a blue Moon, we can feel it is almost a yearning to better ourselves, by reaching and moving forward to reach our goals with confidence, such an opportunity to grow in wisdom if we put our will into this.

The other side to this that is playing in the background of our minds is to release the preconceived idea of grandiose feeling about ourselves, take a step back release these! “That we are one better than whoever” and step into the now with who you are and that’s it.  

This is the north node in Cancer. eIt’s not quite into play yet the energy is here and will be around for the next several months but the 15th Sep is the exact opposition, sometimes it helps to know to ready ourselves.

Val – Please use the comment section below if you have any questions. Thank you



Mars is the ruler of Aries, and co-ruler of Scorpio, and represents the first and eighth house in a horoscope.

Mars represents spontaneous action, desire, ones personal identity and creativity.

A person’s Mars in a horoscope shows just where the need to push forward is, to act accordingly to his or her needs. This is fast spontaneous action and needs to work on what ever has come to mind instantly. The energy of Mars is to act on what is needed to be accomplished now rather than to work too far into the future. As this will dissipates his energies. Mars need to work now, he cannot wait, as he feels a sense of urgency.

Mars is powerful, and should not allow its energies to penetrate some one else’s path in life. What may seem right to you is not always right for another. This can cause a two way problem. First you are not using this quality of direction for your self, rather your trying to guide some one else who may not have asked for it, and who may not have this same idea or intention as you. Also in minding the business of another, you are draining your own unique resources.

Mars moves forward without question or need to analyses a situation he/she simply acts; the most important part of this is the journey. Once he has achieved them he needs to begin again. Mars holds within him the Universe. The seed of creation. This can apply to man or woman as she holds the embryo within, waiting for this magnificent creation to be ignited and ensuring the future of the world.

There are many different ‘I’s’ within an individual, one minute it is this, the next; it is that. These tend to be in order with the desire of the moment. But which is the true identity of an individual? This is quite a difficult question but the true identity is that which performs the tasks of the soul.

Sometimes this is known, although an individual may not really know how to fulfill the needs of his/her soul, but the journey which is taken will often find the real ‘I’, if there own needs are pursued. Without causing another or situation turbulence to walk forward to do precisely what you feel in correct and right for you quietly.

Mars represents the beginning and the end he must be the master of his own universe. The circle represents the spirit and the arrow direction. When Mars is used correctly you feel comfortable inside. When you are using this same influence on some one else s direction you either feel good cause you have dominance over another, and so create a negative karma towards another. When you use your Mars in order to satisfy someone else’s direction and wishes you could lose a lifetime on some one else’s desire rather than you own.

How nice to use, and be the master your own direction and destiny.