New Millennium

The New Millennium

February 1999:

As we enter the final stage of this millennium, it is time to reflect on mankind’s record during the last thousand years.

During this time, our race has evolved from a close-knit village community to a stage where taking a trip to the other side of the world is a casual event.

We have witnessed vast changes in the worlds of medicine. Huge strides have been made in providing a comfortable and safe environment for us to enjoy a standard of life undreamed of by our ancestors.

We now live in a society where our biggest challenge is to find new ways to entertain ourselves.

Unfortunately, we still seem to have held on to some of our ‘village community’ beliefs. Strangers are still regarded with deep suspicion. We fear those of whom we know very little – they are not to be trusted – they are seen as potentially dangerous foreigners.

But this is indeed a time of change. An era that has seen the birth of the internet, the world wide web that allows us to meet and chat with anybody, anywhere on this planet; and with the talking comes a greater understanding of each other’s life style.

We can be friends and live, in love and peace, not as nations, but as citizens of the world. If we need a slogan to take us into the next era of a thousand years, let it be:

Hatred has failed, give love a chance.

Patrick Foley