Libra Moon 2019

Libra 28th Sep 19 time 18:26

Saturn moved direct on the 18th September

Libra Moon Spiritual Reading - how to make the most of this current lunar cycle.
Libra Moon – the Scales of Justice are balancing .

Uranus ,Neptune, Pluto all retrograde

Libra the scales of balance and justice, the new Moon and Mars are all connected and oppose Chiron the wounded healer.

This is a time for us all to work towards financial justice for all.  

This seems to be the focal point Venus and Mercury join to create just the right climate for negotiations.   With Jupiter diplomacy can move mountains and in a very good way.  Could be business too, if you need to consult a professional all should go well. It feels like all is falling into place.   

This can also be a movement to create freedom for everyone.  Saturn opposes the north node, there’s a certain amount of fate here too. As Saturn wants to get paid so all has to be right.   Saturn is thought of as harsh yet his influence will find value and purpose here so that all is fairly balanced he also connects with Neptune, feeling the rise of idealism here and how things should be.

28 September 2019 The new Moon in Libra begins conjunct Mars in Virgo, Venus and Mercury conjunction so although there’s a great opportunity to get a message across it’s with grace purpose, and direction. And it’s all held together with Venus at the helm.  Great things occur with diplomacy so if there are any problems now’s the time to voice them. Chiron in the 7th house is also so potent and shows just what needs to be done to correct injustices and ensure fairness for all. This may be personal or global.

30th September The crescent Moon conjuncts Mercury oppose Uranus, so from the new Moon to now it’s likely to bring some controversy of what’s going on for the underprivileged on the front line and it may not be taken so well by authority figures, but something has to give.  

Don’t expect today to go as planned all is unpredictable maybe some surprises yet! The information is nearly there, there are some discrepancies to come out.

As we move forward to the 3rd October life seems to flow much easier. A Sagittarius Moon connects with the great benefactor Jupiter and to a lesser extent Neptune there is some information yet to be revealed although moving in the right direction.

5th October and first quarter Moon, also a Saturn Moon conjunction and connects well with Uranus.  We have a day where we see so many different aspects of ourselves. The Saturn conjunction insists we release all our old programming so it’s on the harsh side. If we have worked with this energy we now know we can move forward into the newness that is ours.   

This is a time to see to all that’s going on in our lives. Changes made today will be unhindered and easy to create if we are flexible.

8th October Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon form a trine, and links positively with Jupiter. Balance of information is nearly here, there are some discrepancies yet to be revealed. Consequently we move forward links with Jupiter points to easy changes, these feelings may come about after consulting with someone, this maybe a friend or professional to confirm our feelings as we move to the full Moon.

13 October Full Moon Aries Moon links well with Jupiter, squares Saturn and Pluto. A powerful energy that needs to keep balance and harmony yet very direct so we feel like moving forward in unprecedented ways.

We can see the structure we have created. Able to expand to bring in more possibilities, yet we are still faced with seeing all with a critical mind, able to see what is stopping us from reaching our goals. A positive Moon as it gives so much insight into our personal lives

19th October brings ease, helping us to go with the flow and make changes should we wish too easily. At any other time we would probably question ourselves here we know.  

21st October the last quarter Moon.  Libra, Sun, Cancer, Moon opposes Pluto, this is a fine challenge one wants to keep the status quo while Cancer wants to stay in secure surroundings but it’s not that easy.

Pluto demands the Moons presence, so something is going to give we have been advised. It’s up to each of us to make the appropriate changes if necessary ready for the next Moon.   

As we move forward to the 23rd October and a much easier day. The Moon and Sun link well, squares Mercury trines Jupiter.  This gives us the chance to look at the finer details and get to the bottom of whatever needs your time. On reaching conclusions with the information you have will give you a chance to further expand

26th October dark of the Moon close to Mars square Saturn.  With Mars we are going to feel very active and yet it’s not going to happen. We need to focus within and have some quiet time, there’s a lot of soul searching here.