Jupiter’s Twelve Steps

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and potential, this is the planet which will show you your potential in seed form according to where it is placed in your chart wheel, its up to you to use it, work with it or leave it.

The transits of Jupiter at this time takes on more significant than usual because Jupiter started a new cycle around the Zodiac beginning with Aries which began in Feb 1999. Soon after that came the eclipse of the sun on the 11th August 1999, with four major planets in fixed signs making a grand cross, which was urging you to incorporate more spiritual aspects into life, or least make time to see where and what your doing to make life more harmonious and to release you from pressures you may have taken on board which put you in a situation which was extremely frustrating.

If you can look back to last year when this was all in force and see where you are heading the Jupiter part in your chart can help quite a bit.

This is the last hurdle, which many of us will have to face. Each time Jupiter moves into a new sign a new energy will invite you to broaden your mind and life. We have never had such a chance to grow and evolve as we do now, this is unparalleled to any other time in this era. By the time Jupiter has ended his transit in Pisces it will be the year 2012, which is the end of the Mayan calendar which is quite a marker for us.

For me the best way to use the energies of Jupiter as well as the other planets is to search within and find that little spark and ignite it. Make prayer a part of life whatever religion you are. It doesn’t matter but I think its important to incorporate some form or spiritual of religious purpose into life because I feel this is what that huge eclipse was all about last August, to actually find the grail inside your self.

Jupiter in Aries
Marks the beginning of his transits and at this time it is time to look at the past and tie up loose ends as well as looking towards the future.

Jupiter in Taurus 
He will try to create a stable security, as well as respecting the earth.

Jupiter in Gemini 
He will help in expanding the mind so that real progress can be made of a significant nature.

Jupiter in Cancer 
Perhaps the need to focus on other families, as well as your own as sensitivity is your trait to be aware of others problems.

Jupiter in Leo 
To realise your strength, and creativity and use it for mankind to make the difference.

Jupiter in Virgo 
To use your precise and logical mind for mankind

Jupiter in Libra 
To find harmony where there has been discord

Jupiter in Scorpio
To share your in-depth knowledge with other’s

Jupiter in Sagittarius 
To help others to expand and to use info with care so that every one has equal opportunity

Jupiter in Capricorn 
New laws new ideas to bring security to all

Jupiter in Aquarius 
Freedom for mankind and equal opportunities

Jupiter in Pisces 
Perhaps the need to reflect but also a time to all the last 2000 year to pass so that we can bring in the new.

I feel that when this time has passed that we all will have far more potential than we can ever imagined, opportunities will open for every one. The way we live will change as well this is the completed cycle of Jupiter and with that behind us I think we will all find that we will probably be governed it a much fairer way.

At present we look to our politicians to guide new policies in but the people of England are set to promote a new life style and the people voices will be heard. The planet Saturn will have released his hold on us because we will have taken heed. So follow what’s in your heart, do what you think is right and try it incorporate a little spirituality into life so that your love can expand and be all it should be.

Val, 4 October 2000