Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

20 May 2000 – Archived

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction comes around every 20 years and occurs in the same element for 200 years. This is the last connection that Saturn and Jupiter make in an earth sign the next will be in air in the year 2,020.

This indicates that many areas in life will be changing in order to bring more freedom. Earth and water signs should find this period intense and yet are able to cope because the end is clearly ahead.

Fire and air signs may wrestle with the idea of change, but situations which are a continual upward struggle will lead you to re-define some areas in your life.

Big changes are indicated with this conjunction and although this take place at the end of May the energies has been building up to this point for some time. You can see it in world affairs, in education, Health service, Internet, export and of course Europe do we want to join the single currency? Will it do us good?

The conjunction also heralds leaving behind situation or policy’s that have gone past their sell by date, in other words these no longer work for us. These may be personal or world events but what ever it is a breaking away from those in authority is the focus at the moment.


Those that worked at balancing out their energies, during the 11th August eclipse of 1999, will now be ready to expand, and begin a new cycle in spiritual growth.

A new awareness is taking place. Those that have this path will find life opening up for them more and more as balance and inner feelings find harmony, in mind body and spirit. Val