Jupiter Moon Conjunction

24 May 2001

Although the Jupiter Moon conjunction is on the 24th May the energy building towards this occurred with the 1999 eclipse in August.

People are becoming far more aware of different aspects of there spiritual nature, intuition; gut feelings; dreams awareness. This is down to this influence.

The Jupiter conjunction has an expanding effect especially in May 2001 being in an air sign, during this period many will have the chance to learn and grow as never before. Many old beliefs will be left behind.

This is the beginning as we reconnect with spirituality. This may include philosophy, religion, travel, new people coming into life, helping other’s which helps expand our own philosophy so that the world is our oyster.

Once we have taken this in Jupiter moves into Cancer on the 13th July and then the emphases will be in going back to our roots with knowledge. Helping and caring for others will almost be a theme.

With Jupiter here every one will be our people, every one will be important because that is the way it should be. Jupiter is the great benefactor, the only frustrating thing is that Jupiter is so close to Saturn. While Saturn is in air, Jupiter will be in water, water and air makes steam! Meditation would be an excellent channel during times that need patience and guidance.

The two conjunctions together create a time to begin anew and let go of the past, conserve and grow, deal with things and then move on. This may include exams, one section taking you to another, professional’s selling or moving home, legalities. On the whole hard work and then the benefit that Jupiter brings. So every one needs to be extremely thorough so that they don’t have to go over the same old things.

Val Georgiou

14 March 2001