Goddess Neith, Her symbol was a crocodile. Everything about this Goddess is about duality. Here two crocodiles one aspect the great and gentle mother, the other aspect the dark destroyer.

Goddess Neith (Nit, Net, Neit) is one of the most ancient Goddess’s of Egypt.

Once In ancient times the Goddess Neith’s temple at Sais only accepted female initiates.

It was a powerful temple that served the Goddess and was revered and respected throughout the dynasties.

Later this changed and it was here at the Goddess Neith’s temple that records of Atlantis and Egypt’s very ancient past were kept. It was here that Solon was told of Atlantis by a Priest (When the temple transitioned from matriarchal to patriarchal is not noted).

Goddess Neith as the Weaver of the tapestry of life.

Early dynastic pharonic names do include Neith or Nit in their names and her symbol was the bee. This was a time when Egypt was divided into 9 nomes.

Neith is the Goddess of the primordial waters, a Creatrix, weaver of life, a hunter and warrior Goddess.

Goddess Neith’s arrows across her Shield of Darkness.

Her symbols are the crossed arrows with the shield of darkness this is because Neith is the nexus of creation, her arrows symbolise her will manifesting the light and the dark.

The Shield of darkness and Arrows are symbolic of her warrior and protective aspect. 

The Bee (also a symbol of lower Egypt) reminds us how life in union is perfect, that there is power in all things and all forms.

The Click beetle is sacred to Neith and ‘clicks’ and jumps high when in danger. When in trouble the best thing to do is do jump up high to get perspective on what is happening.

Neith was also seen as a crocodile (though this later passed to her son Sobek). A crocodile is a dangerous creature and gentle mother.