Archangel Raphael – Air – Seeing life from a higher level getting all into perspective, healing

Archangel Michael – Fire – Defender of the word of God, Leader of the warriors of light.

Archangel Gabriel – Water – Will give insights and help you to understand your emotions.  This the archangel that appeared the Panayia and to Mohammed.  Gives visions to the beauty of

Archangel Auriel – Earth – Governs the land, home and family, This

When we are feeling low or in danger then Archangel Michael is the most popular force that people call upon.  Each Archangel governs a particular force and the list is extensive!  Angels have a job to do and if called upon will help, in fact sometimes they are just waiting so they can actually help you.

A Force of light, there are many types of angels, all working for the higher power. If you need help – ask for it, an angel might just be waiting for you to say help!

Guardian angel:

In Dreams:

Angels are so special and if you dream of an angel then you have been visited by one, when you wake up and feel profoundly moved and touched by something beautiful you have been.  If you have had someone close to you pass away, sometimes if you are really, really lucky an angel will come and get you and take you to them just so you feel reassured. Hold on tight to the beautiful blessing you have received.