Full Moon 15 August 2019

Full Moon Leo Sun – Aquarius Moon 15th August 12 hours 29mins

Chart Wheel for full Moon 15 August 2019
Chart Wheel for 15 August 2019

Moon opposes Sun and Venus links also to Neptune and Pluto Jupiter direct 12th August

This full Moon I feel is the pinnacle of the year, the dethroning of the old king to bring in a new order.  

The news has been hitting the headlines fast and furious, releasing information we haven’t even been aware of, and bringing all out into the open.  This will lead us to correspondences with friend’s associate’s loads of energy here.  

As this begins to filter through it’s going to be alarming, and will change a great many things in our life.

On a personal level check out personal relationships friends and family, Venus is powerful the only thing to watch out for is to not become too confident, Venus is supporting us to sort out a few things to make life smoother. Yet the Aquarius Moon can be sharp so it isn’t plain sailing.   

However it’s a time for us to join as one, together sending out love and peace so much can be done.  The Aquarius Moon is helping us to see and feel different options available to us, we just need to say how we feel and allow others to do the same.  

Relationships are changing just as we are, not just for today but has been on going through this year edging us to move forward with those that hold the same values.