Eclipses in 1999

March 1999:

Annual Eclipse: occurred on the 16th February 1999, bringing in the Aquarian spirit. Where we will begin to see ourselves as part of a global community. This year will present us with new challenges, where new thoughts, new ideas and inspiration will challenge the old way of doing things.

The need to clarify just where are we all heading, what can we do to make this a better place to live in. A new consciousness is entering our lives, which will bring new understanding’s and new pattern’s of thought.

It will be an extremely busy year where much can be achieved but will need every-ones full co-operation. What ever has been prepared for with care can produce good results. In a sense can all take part by listening to our inner perception’s and feelings and taking personal responsibility.

Partial Eclipse: This continues from the previous, in part a preparation for the solar eclipse. This influence will follow through to the end of the year. This may prove a demanding time with new attitudes and approaches taking place, groups of people will be working towards a common cause. ‘The world needs to change’ we say. Injustices will be revealed, a time when people will begin to act in unity for a common cause which is love and peace on earth.

Each and every one of us can contribute in putting things right. With our inward jounreys we are opening up new avenues which could well be the beginning the new era. There is not too much flexibility here.

Total Eclipse: This is the complete solar eclipse there hasn’t been a complete visual eclipse in the UK since 1927. This will be on the 11th August at 11:11,BST am and will last 1 Minute 42 seconds, and can be seen in the West Country. This may well cause change’s in direction, (this may have something to do with the Euro and finances.) People will have to rely on their own resources more, and be more realistic about speculation. In August there are four major configurations this makes a grand cross which are all in fixed signs, like we will have new sense being opened to us, our seventh sense. These may cause frustrations, with patience and understanding we will begin to see the realisation that there is more to the world than finances. We all need to see what is really important, and bring out the best in ourselves. This is the beginning and entrance of a new consciousness entering our lives.

March 1, 1999