Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs are steady and practical; they love any thing that brings them self-gratification: food, money and sex are all important. This is how they value life in terms of what they have, or have accomplished.

Once these individuals have made their mark in life they feel ‘now I can settle’, they don’t take to changes easily and would rather enjoy the life that has already been made secure.

They understand the world they live in, fit in well and are able to bring to them selves whatever it is they need, these practical beings adjust quite well to the demands of work or loved ones, have patients and strength of character to see things through.

Earth signs are dependable and quietly easygoing. The only thing which will anger this person is if their security is violated or a family members has been hurt they will therefore defend them selves.

Earth signs don’t get on that well with fire signs because fire signs are just to quick for them and will burn the earth. On the other hand earth quite likes the water signs as they can cannel the energy of water quite nicely.

Sometimes the alignment of fire or air in an earth individual can bring about the challenges in life that bring out their real power. Earth signs don’t like changes very much they prefer to stay in well tested waters, so change can bring about a different direction that you would not ordinarily have taken.