Keeping A Dream Journal

Symbols have been with us long before the written word.

What is a dream?

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Dream Journal

Find a book/journal that you really like to record your dreams in. Often a dream that seems very vivid when you wake up soon leaves you and they are hard to recall. Keep your dream diary by your bed so you can record your dream when you wake up.

Using Your Journal

When you write your dreams down keep a record of as much detail as possible. If you had a dream that reminded you of something, or you had a particular feeling when you woke up, note all this information down in your journal.

Eventually you will build up a database of your own personal symbols and be able to identify your dreams as they come up.

You could also record symbols that seem to be relevant to you through the day. With this you will build your knowledge and understanding of the language of symbols.

Finding The Meaning Of A Dream

Dreams are the message place of yourself, all images mean something, instead of reading letters, we’re reading symbols. Some have very specific meanings and some are personal to the person or culture.

You need to divide your dreams into parts then understand each piece to understand the whole.

What Is A Symbol?

A symbol is an image which we identify a particular force or concept with. There are archetypes which have specific meanings, a good example of this is the tarot cards, each card represents a particular force/energy. The deck is a series of symbols.

Now each image (if you wish it too) will act as a message. A dream can contain a lot of information for you, from you. In keeping your dream journal you will discover symbols and their personal meaning to you.