Monthly Moon Guide

Scorpio Moon 15 November 2020

Time 05 07 Direct Planets: Pluto Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Athena Retrograde: Uranus Chiron north node, Neptune turns direct on the 29th Nov Big changes in the air very much in line with last Moon.  So much controversy with Mercury and Uranus at odds, and it’s not going anywhere, Uranus is retrograde which means there […]

Libra Moon 16 October 2020

Time 19:31 BST        Planets Direct: Venus Jupiter Saturn Pluto Neptune Athena Retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Chiron Libra Those born under this sign can expect romance, although we need to be careful that this is the real thing.  Sometimes we may want something so bad and it lands in our lap, to be disappointed later.  Go with […]

Virgo New Moon 17 September 2020

Virgo Moon 17th Sep   Time 11 am Direct Planets: Jupiter Venus Mercury Athena Retrograde: Mars Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Chiron Born under the sign of Virgo This is the sign of clarity and order, generally Virgos are precise and make their calculations before moving forward ensuring all is well.  However, this is going to be […]