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Sagittarius Sun Reading 2021

Sun Enters Sagittarius 22 November 2021 Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus Jupiter Saturn PlutoRetrograde: Uranus, Neptune, Neptune moves direct 2nd Dec.Mars opposes Uranus, Sun Mercury opposes the North node The biggest pointer this month is the connection of the Sun/Mercury opposing the north node.  Neptune is also quite strong releasing illusions. The sign of Sagittarius ruled […]

Virgo Sun Reading 2021

Virgo sun 22nd August 21 time 21h 35m Direct planets Mercury Venus MarsRetrograde Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto This Sun reading begins on a full Moon meaning all has already culminated as it has and we can see clearly.The Sun opposes the Moon/Jupiter, indicates that something big is about to come to light.Mars oppose Neptune/Athena […]

Leo Sun Reading 2021

Leo Sun 22nd July 2021 Time 14h 26m 00A very challenging month, the Sun, Mercury opposes Pluto. Venus, Mars opposes Jupiter We are being challenged, almost bombarded with information coming to the surface, some of these may well be our own problems, having been buried, and nicely tucked away dating back years. I’m sure we […]

Libra Sun 2021

Libra SunDirect planets Mercury Venus MarsRetrograde planets: Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune PlutoMercury moves retrograde on the 27th Sep Big changes happening to everyone out of our usual life styles and mostly its connected to the underprivileged though it will help us all. I think a re-set is on the menu yet when it will happen? […]

Scorpio Sun Reading 2021

Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, PlutoRetrograde: Uranus, Neptune The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd October and from here on it’s a whole new ball game! There’s absolute direction and no stopping progress. If you have been pondering about something or just can’t get something off the ground then this is an opportunity […]

Cancer Sun Reading 2021

Cancer Sun Reading 21st June 2021 Time 03h 32m  Direct Planets Venus Uranus Neptune goes retrograde 26th June Retrograde Jupiter Saturn Pluto This reading begins with disruptions and diversions they don’t have to be challenging but as these are unexpected it jars us into action. These energies may connect with family; an existing relationship, or […]

Taurus Sun Reading 2021

Taurus Sun 19 April 2021 All Planets moving Direct, apart from Pluto retrograde 28th April.The month begins with two major conjunctions Sun/Mercury and Venus/Uranus, communicating are strong saying how you feel, as well as effecting new or releasing old relationships, connects to Pluto, may resurrect the past to clear the way for now, while Venus/Uranus […]