Cogs of Time

Everything has its moment. Now we have nexus after nexus of huge energy flows. Its time for the human race to remember how wonderful and beautiful we are. Talking with Val today about past lives and time. That the eternal part of ourselves is free of time.  That you could see yourself and your lives [...]


Karma In the cycle of reincarnation we make the journey from young to hopefully wiser soul.  We incarnate with a set of promises to ourselves, what we will learn and the path we take. We are not perfect though our imperfections make us perfect - they shape us. We can get things wrong or make decisions [...]

Staying Light

Lie fight to stay 'light' can be a huge battle some days and it is very easy to sprial into negativity. Interactions with some people bring light and happiness, some people are just so fun to be with and then there are the other type!  People whose ego's are running around like rabid beast biting [...]