Cogs of Time

Talking with Val today about past lives and time. That the eternal part of ourselves is free of time.  That you could see yourself and your lives as a flower.  Your soul is the centre and each petal a life.  We live life in a linear timeline, that time functions as a prison. You can […]

Seer – Gaia & Storm

18 July 2019 – horrible vibe in the air, feel like something very horrible is coming, how big and terrible I don’t know.  Trust your intuition, listen to it! Keep your eyes open and headphones off when walking. Saw a storm coming in the shape of a massive black bird, as it was flying in […]


Karma In the cycle of reincarnation we make the journey from young to hopefully wiser soul.  We incarnate with a set of promises to ourselves, what we will learn and the path we take. We are not perfect though our imperfections make us perfect – they shape us. We can get things wrong or make decisions […]

The Power of the Now

It’s about each of us and the power that we use wisely or foolishly.  We as people have so much to give, to share and yet we are surrounded by illusions and darkness. Living in the now is a hard thing to do, isn’t it?  It means being at one with yourself, so that past […]

Staying Light

The fight to stay ‘light’ can be a huge battle some days and it is very easy to spiral into negativity. Interactions with some people bring light and happiness, some people are just so fun to be with and then there are the other type!  People whose ego’s are running around like rabid beast biting […]