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Virgo/Pisces Full MOON

Full Pisces Moon 16th Sep 16 - Time 19hours 05 min Moon Astrology Readings by The energies are enormous, providing us with ample energy to move forward with our  goals, everything should now be in its place. Now we are able to  bring together are hopes and dreams  to make them a reality. There’s are [...]

Jupiter enters Libra

VASSOULLA Jupiter in Libra is going to be a mind bender, as Jupiter takes his place upon the scales of justice.  Everything needs to be reformed within our lives from the past to the future to move forward unpresented. This is now our time, changes we have already made have laid security in our lives. [...]

Virgo Moon

Solar Eclipse TOTAL ECLIPSE 1st Sep Virgo Moon 2nd Sep 2nd Sep An extremely potent Moon, Today the Moon connects to Jupiter/Mercury, so much is going on and everything is in the flux of change. A new moon always release’s a new seed of awareness, to broaden our skills, intuition, or help in some way. [...]