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Jupiter’s Gifts for Ascension

This next 4 months the planet Jupiter will be in Pisces up until the 10th May 2022, then 28th October – 20th December 2022 (due to retrograde). This is about absorbing spiritual energy, so much light coming in now, check out the Sun, so bright almost white at times.        We have an untold opportunity […]

7 – 11 December 2021

A challenging day so much truth is being revealed we will be seeing events through new eyes, information coming though, we may feel a little frustrated with so much on our minds yet time will release these feelings.   We have been fooled yet no more the truth will set us free.         So many planets […]

Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction 21 December 2020

This massive conjunction between these two great planets happens every 800 years, the last time being the Dark Ages.      But what does this mean to us?  Well, this the reconstruction of our world nothing, absolutely nothing will remain the same after this conjunction.  This Saturn restructure changing the way our country is now, somethings […]

The Essence of I

Revealing the Essence of you.  29 3 19 The Sun moving into Taurus will influence the energy of Venus, Venus stands for love understanding sharing co-operation, Venus is in Pisces also represents the great unconscious. The linking of the unconsciousness and conscious by the Saturn Pluto conjunction today the 29th March Uranus in Taurus is […]

Mars opposes the Goddess Athena

This Moon has been powerful beyond words, energies are rising daily creating an awareness that is just so powerful.  If you look to world affairs everything is being revealed, almost nowhere to hide. So it is with us also that any problems we may have are difficult to sweep to the side. Therefore we need [...]

Gifts from the Moon Goddess

The Moon glows in the night sky reflecting the Sun in all his glory, just as we reflect the Moon each of us in our own individual way.   It is through the Moon that we have the opportunity to feel her different shifts and shapes of her cycle. The Moon gives us a chance to tap into  […]