Capricorn Moon 2019

26th December 2019   Time 5h 13m

Uranus moves direct 11th Jan 2020

Capricorn Moon – its going to be amazing.

A Capricorn new Moon begins with a solar eclipse well connected to the planet of Uranus and change, and Jupiter, followed with a major conjunction of Moon/Venus 29th December with much love flooding the earth in light of what is taking place. 

The energy of Capricorn is all to do with authority, structure and plans all within a certain frame work and it is this that is so strong this month and about to change.

This feel to me like an end to an era that has kept us well programmed to a certain way of life, yet the influence coming in is  opening the flood gates to a new way of thinking and a knowing that is right in our face.  

5 planets all in Capricorn that has much to do with structure, limits and holding us all to the norm, and it just this energy that is being transformed.

Information coming to the fore is going to break all boundaries. Jupiter is powerful, and so it is precisely the breakdown of these structures that will free us from all this.

Freedom on a scale unprecedented is about to happen.  Yet it will find its way without too much disturbance, the only problem is can we handle this about turn? This is challenging yes, but the result will be well worth it. 

We are about to learn so much that has been hidden, especially around the full Moon 10th January. A Cancer Moon opposing Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto symbolises the Mother and nurturing while feeling the need to go within and go with the flow and yet so many feelings coming to the fore that challenges us.

Part of us feels like retiring while conflicting emotions and reasoning of the past are coming to the surface. While we feel we want to be generous hearted and yet it needs to be voluntary and own initiative otherwise we please others by toeing the line. Pluto brings up so many emotions that are challenging e can see and feel so clearly. The only way forward is to keep our selves centered so we are not all over the place.

This may also coincide with global news coming to the surface that we are not aware of and I feel this will be potent around the 12th January and Pluto/Saturn conjunction that is going to bring everything tumbling down, what we hear will be unbelievable but it will clear to all and release much and will continue through the year.

This is the peak of so much on  a personal level again so much is showing us a different way of doing things and will help us breakdown all that has held us back in life. so the release of so much and a new way of being is what we need and what we will receive. No more hedging and shifting, anything is now possible. We have worked with these energies throughout the year and now it is the final countdown get ready for a change in direction. So many doors opening up for us now.

15th January 2020  Everything is on a much more even scale we know the score and able to feel far more balanced in everything really, emotions flow well, communications giving more insight while Saturn is giving us a smooth foundation while able to bring up the fundamentals of what it is or what we want to say, so we are able to convey our feelings and thoughts easily.

A Capricorn crescent Moon on the 22nd January links to the planet Uranus of change and feels quite appropriate and gives us the feelings of so many changes now taking place.  While the dark of the Moon links to Jupiter/Neptune the planet of hope and idealistic feelings, quiet times will enhance these energies.