Cancer Moon 21 June 2020

Summer Solstice

Cancer Solstice Moon 2020
Summer Solstice & New Moon in Cancer 2020

Cancer Moon 21st June Time 06 h 41m

Direct Planets: Venus, Mars, Uranus Neptune

Retrograde Mercury Jupiter Saturn, Uranus

Aspects: Pluto Jupiter Athena and Saturn are all conjunct meaning the very foundation of how we live is changing.

Mercury and Neptune are In good alignment, meaning compassion and awareness, Moon makes a soft aspect to Uranus at 23:35 assisting with a more gentle transaction, while Venus aspects Chiron the wounded healer, who better to know the pain of others that is now taking a gigantic leap forward all in the sign of Cancer and Mother of us all.   

The Moon begins with almost an upgrade, such strength and healing taking place as we view the past and now, yet so much unrest. If we want our world to change then its going to stir the waters and this is what is happening, yet it will all have a good outcome.

21st June 2020

This new Moon begins with the influence of Mercury, links to Neptune and Uranus if you’re a sensitive then you will find that perception is open wide, creating and artistic ventures, imagination full of ideas, in the sign of cancer.

Our minds will be on family and values here mind drifting back and forth much like the tide, so this Moon is more inwards, also information now coming through that wasn’t accessible before, so there’s a lot to digest this Moon. 

As we move on to the crescent Cancer Moon on the 23rd  June 2020 and change of signs at 12:33 BST to Leo opposes Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and good connections with Venus who has already showed her sensitivity, understanding and need for balance while Mars is very direct yet not obtrusive and gives us food for thought.    So it’s here we find a tremendous shift as the light begins to show her face we are changing things around FROM  the old and in with the new, the shift takes place in our minds and filters our feelings a new king is being crowned and a new way of living we  take back our power to bring  BALANCE and HARMONY once more.

The 26th June is much easier as it’s a Virgo Moon a day to get all in order, everything runs smoothly while changes necessary, what may seem challenging can now move forward effortlessly. 

By the 28th June first quarter Moon Mercury are both square, to there’s going to be a great deal of insight, a knowingness and Venus so this is all about communications while Venus will assist in keeping all balanced and give a bigger view point,  it’s here where you can see clearly. 

By the 30th June and Scorpio Moon this is strong and full of surprises, everything appears to run smoothly then there is a big change for good or not! It can go either way but it’s going to shift the waters. 

5th July full Moon in Capricorn it’s quite major as we have so many planets here, conjuncts Jupiter and Pluto, it’s bringing to the fore what we felt at the new Moon it now it’s being revealed big time. Pluto will leave nothing to chance and may make us feel a bit moody, while Jupiter amplifies it but also assures us all will be well and gives reason to hope so, it’s not going to leave much to the imagination. 

I feel something will come up globally, every day we see so much we weren’t aware of yesterday, it’s all Capricorn  it’s the heart of our foundation , perhaps new rules are being set out but with Jupiter playing his part it not going to just roll over and needs to be balanced with we-the-people so something along these lines. 

As we move on to the 10th July and Pisces Moon Neptune is strong a much easier day, planets are harmonious a good day to work from within and know where your heading with confidence much easier to listen to the soft voice within, if you are creative loads can be achieved today in the way of ideas that can bloom later.   

The second quarter 15th July links to Venus and gives us the chance to review with Venus providing a soft platform for our review.

18th July and crescent Gemini Moon so although this is Gemini and so much information comes through with this sign there is not a great deal happening, time to go within and follow hunches.

19th July and dark of the Cancer moon feelings there’s a slight unease here, changes, surprises here, while there a lot of information coming thought either email or long distance information coming in for all over the place that may change our perspective in some way.

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