Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite – Stress Buster

This is a wonderful stone to work with, especially in stressful times. Sometimes life’s helter-skelter can leave you feeling washed out and lost, with no time to rest and settle.

Emotions seem to change to weights altering your view of life. This stone is like a knife, cutting painlessly through emotional pain, leading you to yourself. It is as if the stone takes you to the sacred parts of yourself, the space in you that is eternal, where there is quiet joy in being.

Meditate or keep this close to you when under pressure as this will calm and settle giving you space to be at one with yourself, lifts the pressure and connect you to the parts of yourself that you need.

This piece has turned into a personal favourite of mine, being slightly manic this stone keeps a quiet joy in my heart. Its like an emotional anchor giving security, love and a feeling of well being, very female in energies, hidden and mysterious.

I highly recommend it to people that are on the go all the time.