Vassoulla Georgiou

Pisces Spiritual Moon Reading 2022

Pisces 2nd March 2022 Time 17 35 Direct planets All planets are direct till the end of April New Moon in Pisces a highly sensitive and spiritual sign and the last sign of the zodiac where all the pieces come together. All planets are direct, the significance of this is that it removes all hindrances […]

Capricorn Moon 2 January 2022

Direct planets: Mercury Mars Jupiter Saturn Neptune Pluto Retrograde: Venus Uranus, Mercury goes retrograde 14th Jan A positive start to the year so many planets in alignment all congregating to feel a huge amount of energy. Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn, creating a much more lucrative Moon all within a positive structure […]

Sagittarius Sun Reading 2021

Sun Enters Sagittarius 22 November 2021 Direct Planets: Mercury, Venus Jupiter Saturn PlutoRetrograde: Uranus, Neptune, Neptune moves direct 2nd Dec.Mars opposes Uranus, Sun Mercury opposes the North node The biggest pointer this month is the connection of the Sun/Mercury opposing the north node.  Neptune is also quite strong releasing illusions. The sign of Sagittarius ruled […]

Scorpio Moon 2021

Scorpio New Moon 4th Nov 2021 Time 21 14 Direct planets Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn PlutoRetrograde Neptune Uranus, Neptune direct 2nd Dec The New Moon connects to drastic changes, everything is totally unpredictable. It’s an abrupt alteration, so a day to be flexible as plans can so easily amount to nothing. These changes, I […]

Virgo Sun Reading 2021

Virgo sun 22nd August 21 time 21h 35m Direct planets Mercury Venus MarsRetrograde Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto This Sun reading begins on a full Moon meaning all has already culminated as it has and we can see clearly.The Sun opposes the Moon/Jupiter, indicates that something big is about to come to light.Mars oppose Neptune/Athena […]

Leo Sun Reading 2021

Leo Sun 22nd July 2021 Time 14h 26m 00A very challenging month, the Sun, Mercury opposes Pluto. Venus, Mars opposes Jupiter We are being challenged, almost bombarded with information coming to the surface, some of these may well be our own problems, having been buried, and nicely tucked away dating back years. I’m sure we […]